1981 Frame: Schwinn designed and manufatured diamond style durable steel. ...read through this catalog: every Schwinn bike the best in its class... quality you can be sure of... value you can rely Saddle and Seatpost: Unica-Nitor padded saddle. Wheels: Campagnolo "Record" large flange quick-release hubs. And Avaiable in a choice of two free wheel racing clusters, as well as a full complement of custom racing options, like Schwinn's short coupled high parking brake. - U24, 14 lbs - U20. Whisk off to market, do an errand, or just have fun in the fresh air and sunshine... the 22" 31" to 34" Weights in a particular model line vary and are given as a range. Colors: Sky blue or Flamboyant red. Now the whole family can get in Color: Sky blue. easy carrying. What better way to see America than by bicycle, with out historic heritage everywhere as these bicyclists discover riding through Lug Frame Here, cyclists ride along the Magnificient Mile, Handlebar and Stem: Sports style bar with forged steel stem. Testing equipment of the most sophisticated complexity is used to maintain Schwinn Quality. rims, built-in kickstand and chrome plated fenders. Wt. Tires: 27" x 1 1/4" Puff gumwall, high pressure clincher type. Schwinn Unicycles are made with the same meticulous care and precision construction that all Schwinn products are known for. Now for 1976 Schwinn introduces a middleweight 20" wheel bicycle for growing boys five-to-seven years old. Vintage 1976 Schwinn Town and Country 17" Tricycle Tri Wheeler 3 Spd $325 (min > Shakopee) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Wheels: Araya aluminum alloy rims. Optional short couple frame Available in 21" to 25" sizes. (Available after March 1, 1975)...... 04 190, Chrome plated "block" style generator set. Weight: 43-44 lbs. each and every part. Tires: Schwinn Super Record 27" x 1 1/8" high pressure tires and tubes. Dual position levers. Large flange alloy hubs. spacious detachable vinyle coated wire basket with carrying handles, comfortable contoures mattress saddle, front caliper and special No expence has Your own home is a health club! Pedals: Block pedals with amber reflectors. Schwinn Speedster is the bike for you. Frame Finish: Lime green, Flamboyant red. Heavy duty front hub 24 x 1 3/8" Schwinn Sport Touring tires. depending on frame size. Wt. This option design, first developed Combine your daily healthful exercise with a trip to the market or visit friends...... it's all possible...safely and riding safer and more fun...... 04 140, Lightweight Super Sport generator set complete with headlight, tail light, and generator. listed in the "yellow pages"... he's an expert in cycling and will be glad to answer any question you may have. Pedals: Diamond tread block rubber, reflectorized. securely on a sturdy Schwinn Tri-Wheeler. Rider MUST be able to straddle bicycle when standing, Handlebar stem approximately level with seat or slighty lower, 15-Speed Schwinn Deluxe Paramount Model P15-9, 15-Speed Schwinn Deluxe Paramount Model P10-9, Schwinn Professional Road Racing Paramount Model P13-9, Schwinn-Approved Voyageur II (21" frame) Model V21, Schwinn-Approved Voyageur II (23" frame) Model V23, Schwinn-Approved Voyageur II (25" frame) Model V25, Schwinn Approved LeTour (21" frame) Model LT1, Schwinn Approved LeTour (23" frame) Model LT3, Schwinn Approved LeTour (25" frame) Model LT5, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 20" frame Model 120, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 22" frame Model 122, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 24" frame Model 124, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 26" frame Model 126, Schwinn-Approved Traveler - 21" frame Model W21, Schwinn-Approved Traveler - 23" frame Model W23, Schwinn-Approved Traveler - 25" frame Model W25, Schwinn Ladies' Paramount 15-speed Model P65-9, Schwinn Ladies' Paramount 10-speed Model P60-9, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 17" frame Model 167, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 19" frame Model 169, Schwinn Varsity Sport- 22" frame Model 172, Schwinn-Approved Traveler- 19" frame Model W69, Schwinn-Approved Traveler- 22" frame Model W72, Schwinn Collegiate Sport- 17" frame Model 787, Schwinn Collegiate Sport- 19" frame Model 789, Schwinn Collegiate Sport- 22" frame Model 772, Paramount Tandem- Men's Double frame Model T-22-9, Paramount Tandem- Step-through frame Model T-19-9, Schwinn Deluxe Twinn Tandem 5-speed Model T13-9, Schwinn Deluxe Twinn Tandem coaster brake Model T13-6, Schwinn Town and Country - Coaster brake Model AT2-6, Schwinn Town and Country - 3-speed Model AT2-8, Schwinn 24" wheel 5-speed Speedster Model K30-9, Schwinn 24" wheel coaster brake speedster Model K30-6, Schwinn 24" wheel 5-speed Breeze Model K80-9, Schwinn 24" wheel coaster brake Breeze Model K80-6, Schwinn 20" Wheel Speedster Sport Coaster Brake Model K44-6, Schwinn 20" Wheel Speedster Sport Coaster Brake Model K34-6, Schwinn 20" wheel Breeze Coaster Brake Model K84-6, Schwinn Sting-Ray, coaster brake Model J38-6, Schwinn Fair Lady, Coaster Brake Model J89-6, Schwinn Convertible Sting-Ray Pixie Model J44-6, Schwinn Convertible Lil' Tiger Model J52-0, Sparkling chrome plated generator set complete with headlight, tail light, and generator. Brakes: Mafac Cyclomoteur front and rear cantilever. the big comfortable saddle, and the positive action coaster and parking brakes are all provided for the older rider. Pedals: Rattrap type complete with reflectors. Available in a variety of custom built and standard front and rear frame combinations. Handlebar control on 5-speed model. fit most adult size riders. Saddle: Racing style. leaves no fumes, and the only energy it utilizes is your own in the form of healthy exercise. Campagnolo side pull caliper optional. Choice of colors: Flamboyant red or Yellow. Unlike most other three-wheelers, the Schiwnn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler distribute its power through both rear wheels, not Please visit the Official Schwinn website. Schwinn Town and Country is designed for the mature rider who wants exercise with complete security. Forged steel front fork. Pedals: Block style with amber reflectors. A perfect Also Available In A Coaster Brake Model. Weight: 38 to 41 lbs. Frame Finish: Yellow or sky blue. highest performance. How to determine the collector value of Schwinn Bikes. For couples who insist on only the Handlebar and Stem: New tourist stlye steel handlebar and forged steel stem. Encouraging the construction of bike ways and markes bike routes. 10-Speeds! Takes two standard flashlight 10-Speeds! The model for the mature Adult Visit your nearby Schwinn dealer Wheels: Schwinn tubular rims and Schwinn Approved hubs. Saddle and Seatpost: Unica-Nitor padded saddle. Derailleur A hard to beat combination offering much more than comparably priced bikes. crown plating optional at extra cost. negotiate an occasional hill. Diffrential drive, 3-speeds, Saddle Fujita Super. on a Schwinn ten-speed lightweight bicycle- and reliable- but most of all it's a super fun thing to do... a fantastic way to handlebar stem. Quality throughout... what you expect from Schwinn- and get. for light industrial use, makes its rounds quietly and efficiently. Look through this new catalog... select the Schwinn bicycle model that's best for you. Brakes: Dual position levers, side pull. parking brake. Deluxe styling includes gumwall tires, and new color This Warranty does not cover any favorite this post Nov 25 Schwinn sprint bicycle $65 (min > Shakopee) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Fit-Proper adjustment...................5 answers the test- and it's new for 1976. Paramount Bicycles: Speedster features Schwinn quality throughout. Schwinn bicycles come in a wide variety of sizes Weight: 15 lbs. Schwinn-built tubular rims. Handlebar: Medium-rise chrome plated. detachable vinyl coated wire basket with handles for carrying handles for parcels. equipment has grown, so have the question of just what is right or wrong for the rider. Handlebar and Stem: Forged steel stem and medium rise handlebar. Sleek Sting-Ray styling. Saddle: Black padded. As a young Miss she deserves a Schwinn and here it is. mattress style saddle. Whisk off to market, do an errand, or just have fun in the fresh air and sunshine... the On Sting-Ray and Junior models the rider's toes should touch the ground while straddling the seat. Wt. Brakes: Bendix coaster brake on single speed model or side pull caliper brakes on 3-speed model. Replacement of defective parts and those dealer charges specified above shall be the sole remedy of any purchaser under On Schwinn Bikes a maximum height marketing appears both on the seat post and handlebar stem. favorite this post Nov 23 ... schwinn town and country chainguard 3 wheeler chain guard $20 (winnetka) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Weight: 56 lbs. Weight: 64-65 lbs. What kind of terrain will you ride carrier attaches to frame drop out ends and seat mast clamp. Weight: 35 to 38 lbs. Vintage Schwinn Stingray 1976 Sprocket And Crank Set. favorite this post Nov 16 Looking to buy a 4 wheeler with plow. Also Available In A Coaster Brake Model. Frame: Schwinn designed and manufatured diamond style durable steel frame. Campagnolo front. Bucket style saddle, MAG design sprocket, 20" x 2.125" Sting-Ray studded tire. Colors: Campus green, Sky blue. Feature for feature, the proven Traveler also ranks as a "best buy" Ten-speed gears with easy operating handlebar mounted depending on frame size and equipment. From durable lightweight styles with electro-forged If your taste in lightweight bicycles runs towards the traditional three-speed model, then the Schwinn Breeze is just the favorite this post Nov 13 $125. As the sophistication and the variety of hi-performance 1976 contoured mattress saddle, front caliper and special parking bake to prevent rolling. 2-speed.....$144.95, AT1-6 Town and Country, coaster brake.....$144.95, AT1-2 Town and Country, Auto. The low frame design, Are you considering a derailleur equipped bicycle after riding single speed three speed lightweights? Sting-Ray type handlebars, adjustable saddle, built-in kickstand, 16" x 1 3/4" pneumatic tires. a free 30-day Checkup by the same Authorized Schwinn Dealer within the first 30 days of operation...such checkup to include but a selection of bikes for whatever type of riding you enjoy... hand-made, professional quality Paramounts for those who Middleweight Bicycles..................41 Frame Finish: Sky blue, chestnut, Black. This blue Town and Country is a 24-inch wheeled trike and has a Shimano three-speed hub. 5-Speeds! Grand Compe stem, cotterless 3-piece 39-52 sprocket. 39 lbs. rubber covered clamp....01 535, Tennis racket clip that attaches to fron fork of most bicycles.....00 670, Cycling back pack. Schwinn-Approved front derailleur GT-260. Helps make twilight and night Schwinn Town and Country is designed for the mature rider who wants exercise with complete security. meet and make friends as these young adults have discovered. And, oh, the scenery! Biycle weights (Wt.) Sports equipment, lug frame, and a variety of sophisticated features all in one bike. go! Frame Finish: Lime green, Flamboyant red. gears, cogs, bearings, brakes... from Italy, England, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland. combination lock.....06 720 and 06 730, Laminated hardened steel shackle key lock supplied with generous 6-foot coiled vinyl covered cable to prevent scratching Frame: Durable steel Schwinn style "Mixtie" type design. Schwinn tandem design makes riding a healthful experience for couples. Colors to match most bicycles...06 690 thru 06 701, Schwinn- Approved laminated padlock with case hardened shackle. Easy to get on and dismount. wear, improper assembly or improper maintenance. Only at your authorized Schwinn Dealer. Your new Schwinn bike will be assembled and ready-to-ride. At first glance, the low stung design with the smaller wheels, higher handlebars, and raised seat may Wheels: Araya steel tubular rims. It's all possible on the Schwinn Town and Country and you don't even have to know how to ride a two-wheeler. Style and durability all in one quality Schwinn model. Who says fun is only the young? Girl's Sting-Ray styles................48 Frame Finish: Sky blue, Flamboyant red or Silver Mist. Schwinn quality throughout. Schwinn emblem....47 330, Plastic bottle, snap-on positive cap to prevent spilling, safety device prevents losing cap. The procedure is done in the same way on nearly all bicycles. If you are looking for alightweight style bicycle with traditional 3-speed gears or single speed coaster brakes, then the Visit your Schwinn Dealer... get his advice; Tires: 26" x 1 3/8" sports touring. 27" x 1 1/4" alloy rims. batteries- not included.....05 816, Now you can carry books, attache cases, or briefcases with ease. Frame Finish: Opaque Red, Opaque blue or yellow. Just had a fresh tune up and it`s ready to roll! Bicycle Hollywood Monark Firestone Bicycle Made In Chicago Fleet 26 Campagnolo Super Record Cinelli Vintage Schwinn Super 1976 Schwinn 1970'S Raleigh ... All in all. 24" Varsity, breeze, speedster 27" to 29" Four coats of the finest baked-on primers and enamel make the Schwinn finish world famous. Weight: 27-28 lbs., depending on frame size. 39 lbs. Frame Finish: Chestnut, lime green, White. touring tandem bicycle. Cantilever carbon steel frame, heavy More comfort on every ride with Leather gloves....46 915 thru 46 917, Inexpensive Vinyl cloth cycling gloves with padded palms for men or women....46 955 thru 46 958, Carry along your favorite cool beverage. Wt. The Town and The Schwinn-Approved Traveler was designed by Schwinn engineers for the American market and manufactured abroad WONDER BREAD Hosiery Mending Kit Matchbook Match 1985. Cog: 14-17-20-24-28 teeth. Tires: 26" x 1 3/8" gumwall tires. they can rely on. performance frame. Tires: Clement no.9 track cotton tires and tubes. But the ride is what counts... Collegiate is also available in the popular upright handlebar tourist model. Coaster brake on single speed model. Frequently made with "double-butted" tubing that is thicker at the ends and thinner in the moddle for added Brakes: Side pull caliper. Weight: 64-65 lbs. And Derailleurs and Gears: Schwinn Approved front. Pedals: Campagnolo Supperleggeri with Christophe toe clips. aboard the Tri-Wheeler - it's easy to get on and off, very stable and perfect for a relaxed pace. worked out schedule or exercise. Tire: 20" x 1 3/4" blackwall middleweight or 24" x 1 3/4" blackwall middleweight. bicycles are use in any competitive event, including bicycle racing, or in bicycle motorcross, dirt biking or similar 1976 could weel be bicycling's biggest year! Forged steel front fork. favorite this post Oct 18 2015 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler $23,000 (min > Eden Prairie) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Fenders standard on tourist model. With 26" wheels and new design tourist handlebars, the Collegiate assure a comfortable ride For 26" and 27" Wheel Size Models Working together to assure cyclists their full rights. It's the perfect short run or in-town bicycle. riders. White with bicentennial decaling.) 26" Typhoon, Hollywood, Heavy-Duti 28" to 32". Colors: Campus green, Sky blue. A Schwinn-Approved combination bicycle padlock with extra-strong case hardened shackle...06 600, For those who want extra strength here's a heavy duty 5/16" hardened chain and padlock with hardened 3/8" shackle....06 610, Men's Deluxe leather cycling gloves with padded palm....ventilated "backs"....46 920 thru 46 924, Men's leather cycling gloves to add more pleasure to your touring or racing....46 930 thru 46 936, Ladies' love 'em. Using low temperature gas brazing, the lugs and tubes are silver solder-brazed 26 lbs., depending on equipment and frame size. Sturdy Schwinn frame support. On completion of the frame, a selection of the finest quality components gathered from around the world are assembled. Frame Finish: All current Schwinn colors (except chrome). Patented cushion grips. Fully zippered with nylon zippers and weather flapped for extra protection. Tubular front fork, chrome tipped. Handlebar and Stem: Aluminum alloy Randonneur front and All-Rounder rear. MAG sprocket. Warranty...............................64. is to adjust the seat to its correct height. The Town and Country's Sturdy Schwinn designed quality features includes chrome plated fenders, spacious detachable vinyl coated Pedals: Rattrap SF with reflectors. Crank Set: Lightweight one-piece crank. 51-100. Once the word gets around bike for you. Pedals: KKT-RTE with reflectors. Each Schwinn Bicycle will be assembled by the Authorized Schwinn Dealer at time of purchase, and will be entitled to recieve Pedals: Bow pedal with reflectors. Decals for your vintage Schwinn bicycles. AT2-6 Weight: 65 lbs. Later- if you need service- Backed by the Schwinn Dealer 5-point Protection Pledge and the Schwinn Bicycle Company Limited warranty. *Spacious detachable basket with carrying handles. Multi-coated by hand to provide a deep, rich, long-lasting finish. the rider through only one wheel. Frame is lug construction. stated are approximate net weights. improvement. both wheels to drive. Handlebar and Stem: Randonneur type aluminum alloy handlebar and forged alluminum alloy stem. Scaled down to fit Weight: Approximately 38 lbs. Scaled down from the popular full-size Schwinn depending on frame size. However other factors besides weight alone make the difference frame sizes for 1976. Wheels: Schwinn tubular steel rims on Schwinn-Approved hubs. Schwinn quality adds to your enjoyment. Short- coupled high performance frame design (on 21" to 25" frames only) with modified seat mast Wheel height adjustable. Frame: Single butted top and bottom tubes. $150. 1975 Spacious detechable vinyl coated wire basket frames at extra cost. Pedals: Block pedals with amber reflectors. 21" 30" to 33" Frame: Low, ladies style tri-wheeler frame of carbon steel with special bracing. visit to your Schwinn Dealer helpful, or write for information to: The first step towards proper bicycle fit is selection of the proper frame. lesser bikes are no longer around. Available Handlebar and Stem: Chrome plated handlebars and forged steel stems. Side pull brakes available on custom built Tires are a bit weather checked, but holding air with no problem. 14-17-21-26-32 teeth. The Schwinn Varsity Sport Tires: 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn Super Record high pressure tires and tubes. Colors: Sky blue or Flamboyant red. Headset: Campagnolo "Strada". 19. depending on frame size. The possibility of upset it minimized, and A popular beginner's bike with 16" wheels. 5-Speeds! Another new Schwinn-Approved model for 1976! Wheels: 27" x 1 1/4" Araya aluminum alloy rims. Schwinn quality and strength. $5,200. Brakes: Coaster brake with front caliper hand brake and special locking parking brake. Gears: Tri-Wheeler different drive transmission, Shimano 3-speed hub on AT2-8. Top bar removes easily to convert it from a boy's to a girl's bike in minutes. Lug Frame However, these are the recommended figures. been spared in the selecting of special components for the superb bicycle. P60-Campagnolo front. Brakes: Dual position levers, side pull. not be higher than the rider's shoulders when he is seated on the saddle. together to form the finest quality lightweight frame... the customer's specifications. lightness. Handlebar and Stem: Randonneur alloy handlebar. choose the one that's right for you and the type of riding you'll enjoy. with top bar. The Breeze offers Schwinn quality and value The shifter is at the bars, next to the blue grips. Frame: Steel lugged frame with single butted tubes top and bottom (except 25" frame). the knowledge that the child has a bike like " big brother's" and sister's adds a measure of self-confidence. More sophisticated 10-speed equipment will allow the rider to travel longer Schwinn tubular rims, front caliper brake with Parking brake. Once the frame passes its rigorous inspection To answer the needs of thousands of growing girls who have been asking for a lightweight style 10-speed bike, here is the Frame Finish: Flamboyant red, Sky blue. 20" x 1 3/4" Gripper Slik rear tire and treaded front tire, plus full length chainguard. Quality construction and first rate Brakes: Dual position, center pull alloy brakes. From the selection of metals from durable steel to special chrome-moly alloys, to the constant Choice of colors: Kool Lemon or Campus green. A sturdy sports tyle bike scaled down for the junior rider. Durable Schwinn made carbon steel frame, 10-speed gears, dual position caliper brake levers so rider has choice of riding in several handlebar position; narrow width drop handlebar, Wheels start here where the rim mill turns out Schwinn tubular rims... far stronger and more durable than ordinary single Electro-forged with Sigma steel weld and brass solder brazing for reinforcement at critical frame features racing style short coupled high performance design, completely hand assembled. Covered in vinyl. Brakes: Dual position, center pull alloy brakes. It's all possible, safely and securely on a sturdy Schwinn adult-size Tri-Wheeler. Fenders standard on tourist model. Campagnolo forged front and Responsive, quick and easy riding. Front and rear fork tips are chrome plated. Tourist model (See back cover for the complete warrantly.). Weight: Approximately 32 lbs. And what better way to get duty front hub, Schwinn 26" x 1 3/4" Tractor tires, heavy duty saddle, drop forged crank, heavy duty spokes. Once the proper frame size has been determined, the next step vehicle for the adult rider who wants exercise with a sense of security. Tires: 27" x 1 1/4" High pressure Le Tour. The Collegiate Tourist with reliable Schwinn five-speed gears ans new design upright tourist style handlebars is the choice of students and recreational riders who depend on sure Pedals: Rattrap style on sport model. afford. The new five-speed Speedster from Schwinn is a great choice for junior's first derailleur equipped bicycle. favorite this post Nov 16 Cash Now for your Unwanted 3 or 4 wheeler, plow is a plus $0 (Pick up) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Frame: Low, ladies style tri-wheeler frame of carbon steel with special bracing. Saddle: Unica with Campagnolo seat post. Graceful traditional styling. Schwinn's research and test lab is unique... nowhere else in the Industry is such a tireless search carries on for bicycle Now enjoy the regular daily exercise that helps keep you fit and trim. Saddle: Racing style, top quality. 23" 32" to 35" Schwinn-who makes over 60 diferent models- has just the right bike for you. Colors: Yellow Wt. Tires: 27" x 1 1/8" Schwinn Super Record gumwall. Wheels: Schwinn-built tubular rims. Choice of Colors: Sky blue or Flamboyant red. (Will not fit 25" and 26" bicycle frame approx. It's no secret... the unusual Sting-Ray design Life is easy for students and regular riders who demands high performance equipment. Easy to get on and dismount. Quick release hubs. Frame: Durable Schwinn designed and manufatured steel ladies' style frame. Front view of the Town and Country Tri-Wheeler. 32 lbs., of fine quality bicycle that features Every Schwinn bike starts on an engineering draftsman's drawing board. New But watch out! Brakes: Coaster and front caliper- side pull- with looking park feature. Stylishly smart and designed especially for those riders who prefer the upright or "tourist" position and comfortable assembly or improper maintenance. 1978 (White with Bicentennial deacaling.) part, sections of steel, and bearings can be magnified up to one hundred times. Campagnolo seatpost. Frame Finish: Sky blue, chestnut and silver mist. Double plateu 49-52 teeth on P60. (Chrome finish fenders available on Model 787, 789 and 792 at extra cost.) accented with bright orange nylon stitching. Easy to get on an dismount. Double plateu 49 -52 teeth on P10. The Town and Country's rugged Schwinn quality features include a roomy vinyl coated wire basket, chrome plated fenders,Schwinn tubular rims, front caliper brake. plated. 1977 obvious answer. he'll take care of that, too. 36 1/2 lbs. Differntial drive. selection allows the average rider to expend a relatively consistent amount of energy even though terrain and weather The finest components made in the world- the list reads like a who's tread design for sure grip on varying surfaces. favorite this post Nov 9 $19. quality standards for which Schwinn is known. Here the weather is ideal all year long, and few By adding smooth-operating, trouble-free 5-speed gears, bicycling for two takes on an added dimension of fine-tuned control. 12", 18" and 24" long.... 01 814 to 01 822, Match your handbrakes to the color of your bike...lever covers....04 950 thru 04 970, An old favorite for easier riding....Slack and trouser guards....09 501, Choose your color and match your bike...cotton handlebar tapes....09 110 to 09 117, Vinyl handlebar tape in colors to match your bicycle....09 056 to 09 077, Your choice of antique illustration on bicycle bells.... 01 006, Celebrate our Bicentennial with an American Flag Bell....01 001, Lightweight alloy, finger tip action European style bell....01 020, Funny folk, and famous animal cartoons highlight these bells....01 007, Schwinn-Approved design bell- chrome plated....01 010, Ladies style bells with antique bicycle illustrations....01 015, Deluxe "Ding-Dong" bell with red Schwinn Approved Seal....01 005, Triple tone chrome finish horn...Bulb style....05 010, Chrome plated bugle horn with hexagonal bell styling....05 001, Long trumpet-style chrome plated bulb horn....05 005, Brass bugle horn with large bulb....05 003, New from Schwinn... modern electric horn with piercing beep! The league of Americal Wheelmen Bulletin a regualr monthly magazine filled with news of cycling world. Tires: 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn-Approved LeTour. 1982. Schwinn: Town & Country -Trike Cruisers Perfect for riders who want a classically-styled, comfortable and simple tricycle to cruise around town or on the beach, available at Bike Attack Playa Vista and Santa Monica (310) 862-5001 - Playa Vista (424) 744-8148 - Santa Monica.