Cabin Forum/Blog: Hello I built a small cabin (12 x14 with a loft) I plan on heating with a small coal/wood stove. Skip to main content Skip to footer content FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99 FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 ASK AN EXPERT! This pipe gets super hot, so it you use single wall stove pipe you'll need to keep it at least 18 inches away from walls, drapes or anything combustible. Chimney & Stove Pipe Triple-Wall Class A Chimney Pipe Double-Wall Class A Chimney Pipe Direct Vent Pipe Black Stove Pipe Shop All Chimney & Stove Pipe … x 24 in. 6-inch x 36-inch Stove Pipe in Matte Black Single wall, 6" Black matt pipe used to connect wood stoves to chimneys and vent stacks. Find Double-wall stove pipe at Lowe's today. The product is painted black to match the appliances. Double wall stovepipe is used to connect wood burning stoves to the chimney and is only meant to be used in the same room where the stove is located. Use our 24 ga. single wall black stove pipe to connect wood burning appliances to chimneys. Dura-Vent DVL 6-Inch Double-Wall Stovepipe to Stove Flue Adaptor - For Wood Burning Stoves - 6DVL-AD Dura-Vent DVL 8 Inch Diameter x 18 Inch Long Double-Wall Black Pipe Dura-Vent DVL 8-Inch Double-Wall Black Tee with This pipe is most commonly used as the vertical section from the top of the Wood Stove. Find stove pipe at Lowe's today. PelletVent 3 in. DSP - DOUBLE WALL STOVE PIPE Black Stove Pipe connects a Wood Stove to Insulated Chimneys. This flue pipe / stove pipe is a single wall product and connects your appliance to flue liner, twin wall flue or chimney. DuraVent 3" Inner Diameter - DuraFlexSS 304 Flexible Liner Chimney Pipe - Single Wall - 15' Basic Kit Includes Top Plate, Cap, Connector and Flex Length Model: 3DF304-15K $298.07 Since building codes don't allow it to pass through a wall or a ceiling, it has This single wall stove pipe is made to fit your requirements. Shop at and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! DVL® Double-wall interior stovepipe for connecting woodstoves to … Stove Pipe Read More » Double-Wall Chimney Stove Pipe PelletVent is a complete venting system from PelletVent is a complete venting system from DuraVent for stoves and inserts that use oil fuel or multi-fuels (including wood pellets, corn, cherry pits, switch grass, coffee husks, walnut shells, soybeans, wheat, sunflower hulls, rapeseed and sugar beets). Class A Single wall and double wall black pipe are used to connect a wood stove from the appliance to the wall or ceiling. A finishing band is included for easy installation. (2) 2 product ratings - NEW SELKIRK 206100 SURE TEMP 6" STOVE PIPE … A Few Words To The Wise 1. Double wall is reduced to 6". Double wall stove pipe safely connects any wood burning appliance to a class A chimney. This is commonly called “connector pipe”. Stick with one brand of stovepipe for connecting I'm not positive if this is double walled or Single wall pipe requires 18" of clearance from any combustible surface. Use Double Wall Black Stove Pipe from your stove exhaust to a thimble or ceiling transition box when you have less than 18 inch clearance to wall combustibles, and never inside a combustible wall or inside a chimney chase. DuraVent 6DP-24 DuraPlus Triple-Wall Chimney Pipe; For Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Furnaces, Boilers, Stoves, Ranges, Water Heaters and Appliances Fueled by Wood, Oil, Coal or Gas, 6" Diameter x 24" SELKIRK Corp DSP6SA-1 Stove Adaptor, 6-Inch The double wall stainless steel construction provides the best draft for optimal stove performance. 6", 7" & 8" inner diameters. Why DSP - DSP black stove pipe that provides better insulating value for superior wood stove performance. Mission Olympia Chimney of Canada is a family-owned enterprise dedicated to the marketing of residential venting products sold in Canada. The pipe that was coming out of the wood stove was indeed single wall pipe I believe, but once it met the roof and began to go up into the house, it looks like it changes into something else. 6" clearance to combustible materials. Its durable 24 gauge, pre-painted black steel construction is made for optimal efficiency and This product comes in single wall or double wall construction. FACTORY CASE OF (10) 8 INCH BY 24" 24GA BLACK HEAVY WOOD STOVE PIPE NEW 8365306 4.5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - FACTORY CASE OF (10) 8 INCH BY 24" 24GA BLACK HEAVY WOOD STOVE PIPE NEW 8365306 6 Inch Double Wall Stove Pipe Kit , Double Wall Chimney Flue SUS304 SUS316 Contact Now Black Powder Coating Angled Flue For Wood Burner Fireplace 0.5 Mm Thickness It’s used to conduct the gases from a free standing stove to the chimney, whether metal or masonry. Another option is to use single wall pipe with a UL listed pipe shield on the area where you need the clearance Single-wall stove pipe can be installed from a stove to within 18 inches of any combustible material. WHAT IS STOVEPIPE? Backed by Thermal design, Ventis® Double Wall Black Stove Pipe has been certified by an accredited laboratory according to UL/ULC with a 6" clearance to walls. Item 191158 $59.99 Made in Usa Compare Duravent Pellet Stove Vent Kit, Horizontal, 4-In. Wood Stove Pipe Wood stove pipe is an important consideration when you are looking at your heating installation. Single Wall, Double Wall, and Black Stove Pipe components available. Neither it nor double-wall uninsulated pipe can be used to penetrate ceilings, walls or roofs. Some building codes require a distance of 36 inches. Additionally, with a collection of sizes, including 5 inch stove pipe, 6 inch stove pipe, 7 inches, and more, this wide-ranging provision of suitable, strength-enhanced This Telescopic Double Wall Stove Pipe Length adjusts from 38 inches to 68 inches long and has a 7 inch inner diameter. Selkirk 12-in L x 6-in dia Black Insulated Double-Wall Steel Stove Pipe Shop stove pipe and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Manufactured from 1mm thick 316 grade stainless steel, this product is far superior to vitreous enamel flue pipe. Single wall pipe has a minimum clearance of 18 inches whereas most double wall carries a minimum clearance of 6 inches – quite a difference! This stove pipe … Selkirk Double Wall Stove Pipe, Adjusts 12-18-In., Matte Black, 6-In. We also offer close clearance connector pipe that requires only 6 inch clearance to combustibles. Shop stove pipe and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Wood Pellet Model DT-M - BioFuel Venting Pellet Vent (Currents) Model UPP - Wood Pellet Venting Model VP - Wood Pellet Venting Stove Pipe (Currents) DSP - DOUBLE WALL STOVE PIPE DCC - DOUBLE WALL STOVE We also carry a variety of Stove Pipe Accessories. Fireplaces Gas, Wood, Electric and Pellet Stoves Fireplace Inserts Fireplace and Stove Venting 6 inch All Fuel Chimney 7 inch All Fuel Designed with a 1/4" air space between double-wall construction to reduce moisture and smoking, increase wood stove × This convenient double wall stove pipe adjusts to the desired height without the need for cutting. Get great deals on 6 Double Wall Stove Pipe. Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks! The 24-inch stainless steel double wall flue pipe CB-3024-SS fits on both of our stoves. Large selection of single wall, double wall and pellet stove pipe to meet any of your wood stove needs. Single wall stove pipe is not intended for use as a chimney - it is a connector pipe only. It is true that single wall pipe radiates more heat into the room than double wall but if it’s at the cost of floor space and dangerous creosote build up than in my humble opinion it’s not worth it. Selkirk 12-in L x 6-in dia Black Insulated Double-Wall Steel Stove Pipe The Black Pipe has a Stainless Steel inner liner. If double wall would meet your clearances, then just run the double wall pipe from the stove to the ceiling support. Double Wall system features a Black Aluminized Steel outer casing and Stainless Steel inner liner. A system designed to connect a wood, coal, oil or gas fired low heat residential appliance to a chimney.