Teak is also elastic and has solid fibre that facilitate carpentry. Marine Teak Decking is still our number one seller of our teak lumber. This tree contains a resin which has highly water-resistant oil in its heartwood. Because of Teak’s great weathering capabilities, it is very popular as a classic long lasting outdoor furniture material. Teak Outdoor Furniture. Exterior and interior paneling 5. We are a direct importer and the largest importer of teak in the US, so if we can help we will. Spruce wood is strong and hard. It is a heavy, very durable wood, notorious among … Teak Niyasya Kapha is used in biliary disorders. The teak tends to wear in to the softer ‘summer’ growth bands first, forming a natural ‘non-slip’ surface. Use a mild detergent and rinse with plain water. For stubborn stains, use a teak cleaner. aax_getad_mpb({ //. Our long experience in milling Teak helps us to be a leader in custom Millwork. Tectona grandis has small, fragrant white flowers arranged in dense clusters (panicles) at the end of the branches. Teak wood begins as a lovely golden color when it is freshly cut or sanded. Appearance: It has small white fragrant flowers and thin leaves. Clean any spills by washing the furniture if it has spillage. Originally found in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and south East Asian plantations, it now also grows in Africa and the Caribbean. Teak wood comes from deciduous trees and it is one of the most valuable timbers on the market. Rot Resistance: Teak is highly resistant to decay and its heartwood is very durable. Since teak can last so long in the outdoors,  it lasts even longer in indoor applications. What Does the Grain Pattern of Teak Wood Look Like? Teak wood is durable, weather-resistant, water-resistant, and extremely stable; this is why it is one … $49.99 $ 49. Tali. Advantages of teak wood. Here is a list of some of our most popular final products that use our Teak Lumber. Teak Flooring. Teak wood furniture is always a popular choice due to the durability and strong resistance of the wood. Few Americans grow teak trees (Tectona grandis), so it is natural to ask: what are teak trees and where do teak trees grow? Durable outdoor furniture 9. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Indoor furniture: This is probably one of the most common teak oil uses. There are … Here are the most popular uses for our Teak Lumber. Teak oil is a favorite wood finish product which is perfect for teak wood, and that is the reason for its name. Once heavily used, the deforestation of teak is now strictly controlled to ensure a continued and rejuvenated supply of wood. Teak Wood: Characteristics and Uses Characteristics of teak wood. Teak is still the golden standard when it comes to outdoor seating and furniture. Teak is truly one of the most natural and stunning hardwood materials you can use for all components of your architectural projects either outdoors like landscaping and decking projects or indoors like paneling and flooring. Teak trees produce wood that is known for its durability and beauty. Allergies/Toxicity: Teak is a good sensitizer. In summer when windows are open, or dust-causing work is being done in the home, dust more frequently. In both cases, the wood is used outdoors and experiences lots of contact with the elements—water, wind, sunshine, etc. However, Burma sells teak … Highly durable: Teak is highly durable and lasts for over 100 years. It is also termite-resistant and is moderately resistant to marine borers and powder post beetles. Turnings 6. Teak is used for outdoor furniture but is not recommended for full exposure to sunlight. Known for its high bending, strength and stability, Tali wood is a native to Central and West … The bark of teak is … People love to make their furniture out of teak-wood because it is naturally resistant to fungus, insects, and decay. Teak wood has a leather-like smell when it is freshly milled and is particularly valued for its durability and wat… Being more expensive than most other woods, teak furniture has become something of a status symbol. This type of wood comes from Africa and Burma. It … He enjoys technology, photography, and marketing. Countertops 11. Teak. Our highly trained staff can also provide almost any custom size to suit your needs. This look can be achieved by following a few easy steps. Marine Teak Decking is still our number one seller of our teak lumber. Teak wood is used in a variety of ways, including (a) for outdoor purposes, it is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat building, doors and window frames, and (b) for indoor purposes, and it is used for flooring, fine furniture and veneer. Teak (Tectona grandis) is a tropical hardwood tree species in the family Lamiaceae. With the increased cost of Teak Decking it is mainly used in high end boats and classic boat restorations. High quality Teak can be imported from Asia. These flowers contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers). Teak wood is a popular type of hardwood that has been used for centuries in South Asian countries like India, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. It was used in India for over 2,000 years and is still used today to make chairs, hardwood, window frames, Venetian blinds, and outdoor furniture. When you are a seller of a unfinished material like teak lumber, it is sometimes hard for people to understand how our lumber is used and what types of final products it is used for. Common reactions to it include irritation in the eye, skin and breathing, and rash, pink eye, asthma-like symptoms, nausea and difficulties with vision. Teak Flooring is very popular in high end homes and apartments. Teak is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers across the world. All rights reserved. Teak naturally weathers to a silver-gray tone, which people love. Teak wood on indoor furniture should be oiled every 3 to 4 months. Teak makes for very strong and long-lasting outdoor furniture. Uses: It is used to build boats and ships, veneer, carvings, furniture, turnings, exterior construction and small objects. It is also known as Burmese Teak and is known to grow about 30 m-40 m high. Teak oil is used for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces. Teak (Tectona grandis) is a tropical hardwood species that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. We also can mill wood as components to be used in window or door manufacturing to help streamline the building process for the manufacturers. Teak also resists decay from sun, rain and saltwater extremely well. It provides warmth and is very long lasting so it can last generations to come. This process is the most common teak finishing that is applied to pieces. Dilute equal quantities of teak or tung oil with mineral spirits and wipe the furniture clean. Articles : Teak Wood Uses Teak is an incredible timber and is one of the most sought after because of its immense durability. Tectona Grandis Uses Around the House. The natural color of teak is tan to medium brown and the grain resembles that of walnut. Ipe Decking Installation Instructions & Tips, The HMS Trincomalee a testament to Teak’s Longevity, In the Mill: Chicago Riverwalk Teak Benches and more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // Odor: Its scent is like leather when freshly milled. It is strong, of medium weight, and of average hardness. However, there are also other forms of teak finishing, such as the honey finish. Teak grows in tropical regions of Asia and Central America, where it is an important export. To remove stains, sand stained parts of the furniture with sandpaper. Apart from its natural oils, teak also adheres well and finishes equally well. Use a soft plastic brush to prevent scratches and any other kind of damage to the surface of the wood. Because of... 3. We can in most cases find the right piece as a replacement for you. }); So it is a natural and beautiful surface for Boat Decking. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. As a result, teak has been used for centuries in marine environments, especially on boats. Utoplike Teak Wood Bath Mat, Shower Mat Non Slip for Bathroom, Wooden Floor Mat Square Large for Spa Home or Outdoor (24"x18") 4.7 out of 5 stars 496. © 2013-2020 The Basic Woodworking. There are occasions wherein teak oil also utilizes a minute amount of Tung oil into its composition. Required fields are marked *. “Teak can withstand water spilled on it for 12 hours without showing any signs of finish damage.” Once a week, dust furniture with a lint-free cloth. This oil protects the wood from insects, bacteria and decay. Teak wood is also used for framing, carving doors and window frames, building boats, planking or for manufacturing cutting boards, flooring, countertops and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. It’s water-resistance makes it popular for outdoor furniture, decks, and shower stools, but it gets a fair amount of use indoors for furniture, flooring, veneers, and carving too. Appearance: It has small white fragrant flowers and thin leaves. Teak wood was initially prized in boat making, but it is used in a wide variety of applications today. The seeds are given in Vata disease. Teak wood is enjoyed because of its beauty and because of its high oil content, which makes it more moisture-resistant than most other types of wood. Color and grain pattern will vary--making your piece uniquely wonderful. Exterior and interior flooring 4. To leave teak furniture with its natural look to weather over time: Here’s how you can clean your teak furniture and keep it looking its best for years to come: By cleaning your teak furniture regularly, mildew will not build up and it will not fade. Disadvantages of teak wood. Teak, on the other hand, produces rich natural oils that will protect the wood even if you do not apply a finish. Your email address will not be published. It has also become popular for general outdoor situations, including decks and furniture. We carry Teak Decking in 1/2 x 1 7/8″ Battens and 9/16 x 1 7/8″ Battens which are ready to installed with caulking. Our Teak Lumber is extremely popular because of its the high quality and consistency. Ease of working: Teak contains an abundance of silica which blunts cutting edges. We can provide all the lumber sizes needed for manufacturers of Teak Furniture so they can have the least waste and the highest quality product possible. Teak has a high content of natural oils that gives its raw, unfinished surfaces a fairly oily feel. It's known for being very durable. Teak Decking is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. © 2015 East Teak Fine Hardwoods. It sheds its leaves annually in the dry season and often lives to be 100 years old. Cutting boards 10. The oil of teak seeds is Kesya (hair enhancer) and Kandudhna (itching erase). Spruce Wood. You can impart a smooth and subtle finish to both types of wood. Pricing/Availability: Though its grown worldwide, teak wood is very expensive. Paul Cuenin is a former employee of East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc. Wipe your furniture with a soft cloth to take off its natural oils and dust. The two main teak oil uses are for coating outdoor wood furniture and wooden sections of boats. It’s a pleasure to own teak furniture for the durability, style, elegance and stature it occupies. "slot_uuid":"da811cd1-ebcc-4644-a4f4-83121f67d703" However, there are people who prefer to go with its original golden honey tone. I’ve also had a variety of furniture made from teak. perfect material for outdoor or indoor furniture, 10 DIY Wood Stains That are Homemade Easily. It is resistant to all kinds of weather, making it ideal for exterior and interior furniture. It is known for its strength to withstand all kinds of adverse climate because it can bend but not break when faced with harsh winds. Teak wood has proven to be quite versatile so you can use teak oil for many different things made of wood.