Eric is an aquarium enthusiast with over two decades of experience caring for a wide array of tropical fish. For one thing, they get really big, with some individuals topping a foot in length. Once he ate them all in one tank, they’d move him over to the next one. While there are some fun fish you might be able to add to your tank, it is easy to see from the list above that most of them come with their own issues you’ll have to deal with. By DeeJay86 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons. Below you can read more about each fish. Puffers have bony plates in their mouths that will overgrow if they don’t eat hard foods to grind them down. Started by DancingBetta; … You never know what they might do, or if they can cause any damage. Goldfish will eat any snail that is small enough to fit inside their mouth. I've seen my eel-tailed (tandanus) catfish eating the snail eggs. Freshwater fish that eat snails might be able to help you clean up your tropical aquarium. The fish you want to add to your tank to eat your snails depends on the size of the aquarium you have. That means you don’t have to worry about them starving if they do too good of a job. They also require brackish water as they age, and so would not be a good long-term community fish anyway. Triggers are relentless with snails and hermits. To be clear, I am not saying that bala sharks are the answer to your snail problem. In fact, they aren’t appropriate for most home aquariums. By Felix Gertz [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons. This means that snails will still hatch, and their population will keep increasing in your tank. Plecos will eat dead fish and snails too. Do you think a Ghost will eat my snail? The most common pond fish, the koi, will not eat the snails. Temperature 70 – 78°F. Fishlady. Always do your research before choosing a fish. This is true for smaller snails that can fit in their mouth. If they’ll do that, there is no reason to think they won’t suck a pond snail right out of its shell if they can. While the speed of an assassin snail hunt will never remind you of a rerun of the Dukes of Hazzard, they are still pretty impressive in action. I wouldn’t try them again unless I had something like a 200-gallon tank, and even then I might think twice. Understanding how to deal with these issues is part of the learning process, and if you can get them under control your snail problem may decrease or go away altogether. Not every fish listed is appropriate for every... Clown Loach. Occasionally referred to as an Elefant … A good few will have a nibble, especially at the more gelatinous eggs, small snails, not so much. Like the clown loach, you’ll want to feed sinking pellets. They will also eat decaying aquarium plans, and will munch on some plants. Conclusion. However, if you intend to have them anyway, keep an eye out and see how they do. trending. Peapuffers are small puffers that can kill small-medium sized snails. The problem is they can’t get past that shell. I have an aquarium that used to have a wide variety of snail life. However, I do think there are probably cases where they will. Frogs and sterlets eat adult pond snails. Some smaller fish, such as mosquito fish, eat snail eggs. As I discovered several years later, bala sharks are very large fish. The assassin snail is exactly what it sounds like: a snail that kills and eats other snails. I’d also avoid adding any of the fish mentioned above to a tank where you keep mystery or apple snails. They sport an attractive black… However, there are some important things to consider before you run out and get snail-eating fish. I’ve written about a local pet store that would move this big goldfish from tank to tank in order to control the snails. Never send a fish to do a snail’s job. Your subscription could not be saved. It should go without saying that you should never add snail-eating fish and assassin snails to your tank. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. They are also best kept in schools of six or more. AquaPlays. All 6 of them go well with my other fish, just one other fish has medium fin damage, but she seems fine. Does it sound harsh? Long ago, before I knew enough about them, I had a pair of bala sharks in a 55-gallon tank. If you have a small tank, I advise you to buy green spotted puffers, dwarf chain loaches or zebra. Most green spotted puffers will eat as many snails as you can give them, but they do come with very specific care requirements. In fact, months later, even after I had re-homed the bala sharks, the snails didn’t come back. These fish will eat the snails in your tank. Large goldfish will often eat snails. Unpopular Opinions. Rabbit Snails - Tylomelania zemis. Clown loaches are fish that eat snails, but they grown too large for many home aquariums. Many love to eat plants, and are considered pests to crops and submerged aquatic vegetation. Spixi snail – Asolene spixii. These fish are small, but they are very efficient, as … Logically, you’ll need a pretty large tank for a school of foot-long fish. Fish can also eat tadpoles, frogs, snails, and shrimps. Some goldfish owners have caught their fish having a go at the snails that they had kept with them in the tank. While not every aquarium owner is sure about their kuhli loach, this question has been up for debate to this day. I’d be interested in hearing more information on whether or not they’ll do the job. By em_berk. But, if you have a huge tank, they may be able to help you with your snail problem. have a look in a few days and they probably will be back . Snails and slugs are known as gastropods and belong to the same family called phylum Mollusca, or mollusks.While gastropods come in a variety of sizes and colors, they all share having shells and feet in common.. Since you’ll want to keep them in small schools of six or more you’ll need a 55-gallon tank or bigger for these guys. These guys do a solid job of general tank maintenance all around, and so they are always a good fish to have in a community tank. With all of that out of the way, here are some popular freshwater fish that eat snails. (I'm not a 100% sure because I didn't really watch them eat) Another interesting thing that happened was that my pest-snail population started reducing after introducing the Rainbows. Food Source for Betta fish and snails Snails, like Zebra Nerite and Mystery Snails are prolific algae eaters, they will diligently eat it along with excess waste. Squishing up snails with your fingers so your fish can eat them isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. The one mostly found on land can be quite huge to fit in their tiny little mouth. What Do Snails Eat in the Wild? This snail is rapidly raising its popularity. They should be housed in huge tanks or ponds as adults. I had a platy that went ate snail eggs and newly hatched snails - but she was definitely pretty aggressive for a platy and I think this is not typical! Yes I am sure that your tandanus catfish are eating the snails. Cory cats are scavengers that may eat or damage snail eggs. Turret Snails. Do snails eat other snails. Many fish keepers attest that gouramis will eat snails in a tropical fish tank. Not every fish listed is appropriate for every tank, so do your research and learn as much as you can about them before purchasing. Experts argue that goldfish eat almost anything. One such example is that of rosy wolf snail, which feeds on other slugs. Bettas are opportunistic feeders in the wild, and if they come to think of snails as food I can’t imagine why they’d pass them up. Maybe if there was someone big and strong enough to crush the shell so they could get to the meaty treat inside. Size 1-5 Inches. If you have a tank with plastic plants or rocks, A few weeks after introducing the bala sharks I suddenly realized there were no more snails in the tank. However the more fish I added, the fewer snails I seemed to have, until finally now only my largest snails have survived. If you have a pest snail outbreak in your freshwater aquarium you may be considering adding some fish that eat snails to your tank. Remember that a few snails in your tank isn't a problem, and might even be good for it. Some fish keepers simply pluck snails off the glass and crush them, and then drop them back into the tank. Most fish will eat snails. Your fish will prefer to eat fish flakes, pellets and frozen foods over snails. They are solely meat eaters and will eat smaller fish too when they are larger. Maybe, but, if your snail problem is out of control the stark reality of the situation is that they must come out one way or another. Do betta fish eat snails? Otherwise, they will continue to breed and overrun your aquarium. From egg to snail, do you know the gestation? I never noticed any of them eating snails, or having any impact on the resident pest snail population. If you get them as youngsters (which is most likely as stores sell them as young) and put them in last, they will get used to faster short finned fish. Good luck choosing the best snail-eating fish for your freshwater aquarium. Does Pleco Fish Eat Dead Snails? A Must-Read: Best Fly Fishing Net So, while goldfish may be among the most diligent snail-eating fish, unfortunately, they are not a good choice for fish keepers with average-sized tropical tanks. This means doing the necessary research before purchase. I know it might seem like skipping the pellets will encourage them to eat more snails, and maybe that’s true. Turret snails … What are your thoughts on a snail-egg eating fish? Many aquarium fish are not averse to eat snails, for some it is an exquisite delicacy, for example, gouramimany cichlidsfamily GOLD FISH and even shrimp not averse to taste grated snails. Aside from that, snails are also some of the best algae eaters to exist. I don’t think that’s a smart idea for most of us, but if you have a large cold-water tank and you think you’d like a goldfish in there he might just munch up most of your snails. If only they had some help. Be aware that goldfish are not tropical fish, which is why I said a cold-water tank. In fact, experts have contradictory opinions on the issue. They were usually happy to get rid of them, but it was a big hassle. Do fish eat snails? The fish is large and easily eats ramshorn, but it won’t crack the hard shell of MTS snail. Clown loaches are scavengers and will munch up any fish food that falls into their domain, but it is still a good idea to feed them sinking pellets to make sure they get enough to eat. pH: 7.0 – 7.5. Please try again. If you’re wondering about cannibalism in snails, then yes, some snails do eat other snails. If you've read this far and none of the fish mentioned seem like they'd be a good fit for your tropical tank there is still hope. If you can crush the snail eggs with your finger, probably the pleco fish is also able to crush and eat them. 3. Oct 8, 2008 #6 Dihydrogen Monoxide Deliquescent Reefkeeper View Badges. But, if you wanted to keep a GSP in another tank, you’d always have something to do with your pest snails. Tropical Moderator; Joined: 6/7/2010 19:26; From Worcestershire; Group: Caresheets Moderators FK Supporter Registered Users … They are quick and thorough with this job. Other methods to control a snail population are introducing assassin snails to your tank, adding fish that eat snails or making an effort to remove any snails you see by hand. On the other hand, some experts say goldfish do not … Many people swear gouramis will eat snails. Did the screen just come rushing at you while the dissonant scrape of a violin sounded in the background, like some horrible aquatic horror movie? Many fish keepers will tell you yes, but I have personally never seen it. Finally, before you go out and get new fish for your aquarium, take some time to learn how pest snail problems happen in an aquarium to begin with. Sinking pellets ensure they get the nutrition they need. Yeah they will eat snails. While bigger and tougher than the average pond snail, they are still susceptible to predators that see them as food. Most people don’t have a tank that size, and that means for most fish keepers the clown loach is not an appropriate fish. Most common aquarium snails are freshwater snails – this include nerites, mystery snails and apple snails.. Like sea snails, most freshwater snails are grazers. Even so, the loaches do not eat these eggs. If they gobble up a few snail eggs here and there all the better. They’ll chomp up the offending invaders and your aquarium can go back to normal, you reason. Rabbit snails are another slightly larger species of snail, unlike … can zebra danio fish eat ramshorn snails do zebra fish eat snails do zebra fisheat snails what types of snails can a group of zebra danios eat will zebra danio eat nitrate snail zebra danio and snails click to enter! If loaches have the opportunity to consume smaller fish, they won’t hesitate. Live and healthy aquarium fish, snails will not eat! They can grow up to 3 feet long (takes about 13-25 years depending on the feeding habits/pond). They grow into huge fish as adults, and they need to be kept in schools. Current Setup: 2 cory-cats and a snail in a 5 gallon. — Dwarf Chain Loach. In turn, the fish do not remain in debt! Sulawesi Snail. While they will eat some flake food that drifts down to the bottom, it is tough for them to compete with the fish swimming above them. So, I’ll reiterate what I said at the beginning of this article: Please don’t add any fish to your tank unless they are appropriate and fit into your overall stocking plan. Assassin snails will hunt down pest snails in your tank. Since snails eat up all the nasty gunk from the aquarium, they help bring down the ammonia levels in your tank. The tank had previously suffered from a small-scale snail outbreak. Another reason I think they might is because they sometimes pick on apple and mystery snails. answer #2. Again, always be sure to feed sinking pellets when you have bottom dwellers like cories and loaches in your tank. For instance, one school of thought believes goldfish cannot break a snail’s shells. So, here it is, the complete menu for snails. The truth is every betta behaves differently, and some are more likely to munch on gastropods than others. They are a critical part of an aquatic ecosystem along with Shrimp and algae eating fish like Otocinclus, Siamese Algae Eaters, etc. In the wild some goldfish will actively search for snails to eat, expect the same behaviour in your aquarium. 6 years ago. Finally, remember that good tank management practices can help you avoid a snail problem to begin with. They only grow to around half the size of the clown loach, making them much better for most community tanks. algae eggs ghost-shrimps shrimps snails. But remember that snails are only part of their diets, and they still need to get nutrition from elsewhere. Striped Raphael Catfish. If you are among the many for whom the clown loach is a poor choice, consider the yoyo loach instead. By Benutzer:martin8721 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Please make sure the fish you choose are compatible with other fish in your aquarium, as well as appropriate for the size of tank you have. These are carnivore fish that are meant to kill and eat their prey. But once things get out of control you must intervene. If so, what kind? You should also periodically clean your aquarium to get rid of snail shells. Bettas can be community fish in certain circumstances, but you’d never want to add one to a tropical tank without putting a lot of thought into it. Thanks much! Even if they do, remember that there are places in the tank your cories are not going to be able to reach. You can catch them in snail traps and chuck them, or you can put them to use feeding your fish. It is important to feed your goldfish a balanced diet, I have written this article on what you should feed your fish. The problem is, except for a few mentioned above, they can’t manage the shells. However, do goldfish eat snails? So there’s a chance, that if the snails are small enough, the kuhli loaches will likely eat them – and I’m mainly talking about tiny snails. 2. November 29, 2020 November 29, 2020 admit2102 Being an omnivore, goldfish try to eat almost everything they find. The way these creatures can eat is by using a tongue-like organ known as a radula.This organ has thousands of tiny little teeth which they use to scrape up plant … Not because they’re aggressive and brutal but because their mouth, teeth , and digestive system are designed to do so. 9 Easy-to-Keep Aquarium Fish That Eat Pest Snails. Common pond snails are an important part of their diet, especially when they are young. Gouramis have some complex behavioral issues that can sometimes result in bullying and stress for a weaker fish. If you’ve ever owned a green spotted puffer you know how important snails are. how pest snail problems happen in an aquarium. It seems like an easy way to deal with the issue, and you get to stock some cool new fish. i've never known any community fish to eat snails unless they are very hungry i have millioms of snails in my tank, some days you see none then the next day you see 200+ in one glance. FRESHWATER FISH Goldfish . They will likely breed in your tank, but they won’t reach the maddening population levels of other snail species. They probably will not eat snails, though some say they will eat small ones. Yes? sorry but wasnt trying to be the fish police. With that in mind, here are a few things I’d like you to consider before you add any new fish to your tank. At one time I would go from pet store to pet store, asking them if I could have any pest snails running around in their tanks to feed to my puffer. The drawbacks of keeping such a fish in a tank is that it’s a large one and they should be kept in a school which isn’t always possible. Keep up with cleanings, learn to do easy water changes, and avoid overfeeding. The dwarf chain loach is a two (2) inches long fish that is an equally amiable … Gets along with: … They need cooler temperatures. But it is a way to put all of those pest snails to good use. Many of the fish you already have in your aquarium would eat snails if they could. While there are some benefits to keeping fish that can help regulate your snail problem, there are also a few pitfalls. Lifespan: 1 Year. All rights reserved. List of Fish That Eat Snails. Many varieties also grow very large, sometimes over a foot in length. I didn’t have a lot of snails to begin with, but after the bala sharks came there were none. I’ve personally bought some assassin snails when I was experiencing loads of “pest” snails, and they work wonders. The Striped Raphael Catfish is a gorgeous fish species that can live for well … They eat algae, detritus and bacteria that form on rocks and the substrate.. But, if you help out a little by removing the snail from the shell, your fish ought to gobble it up. Rainbow fish almost certainly will eat planaria. so this is a great tank mate to add to help keep your tank clean. As with any fish, do your research beforehand. Besides eating algae they also feed off of any food that makes it to the bottom, including dead shrimp, fish, and snails. This is one of the many reasons you wouldn’t want to rely on a betta fish to solve your snail problem. However, they are industrious scavengers that may eat or damage snail eggs. Since goldfish are omnivores and opportunistic eaters, they will eat almost anything you put in front of them. Kris. favorite and least favorite things about fish keeping! While these fish are known to eat snails, they may or may not decide to do so in your tank. By Soulkeeper (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. While it’s always very important to research any fish you intend to stock, it becomes even more so when you bring in a fish to do a specific job. And, like their bigger cousins, they are known for their appetites for snails. ... ha ha you almost got me. You do this by crushing the shell with your fingers or some other device. Add Fish that Eat Snails. Making a bad choice can doom not only your new fish but possibly your whole tank. Assassin snails (Clea Helena) are distinctive in appearance and thus easy to recognize. Angelfish do eat snails, but only the smaller ones. For this to happen snails need a pair of jet engines. 1 inch (around 3 cm) 5 gallons and more. And, as we know, stress is the biggest reason fish die in aquariums. No guarantees,but it's very likely, as I first bought four, and then later 2 more. Here are some snail-eating fish to consider for your freshwater tank: Below you can read more about each fish. It will eat other things too, like leftover fish food, algae wafers, and sinking pellets. Some people who erroneously use loaches for snail control in their aquariums assume that the fish will also eat the snail’s eggs. However, they do come with a few concerns. I’d suggest 100 gallons or bigger. Oct 11, 2008 #14 R. reef-nut … Cories are a type of catfish. Freshwater Fish That Eat Snails Fish That Eat Snails. It is often due to overfeeding, poor tank maintenance practices or other errors on the part of the fish keeper. The clown loach is a well-known snail connoisseur and a really nice addition to the right tropical fish tank. Please choose fish you want to have around for a long time, not simply those you think will solve your snail problem today. Later I started a little snail tank so I could breed my own. And consequently, create a healthier environment for your fish. They don't always eat the snails. For one thing, GSPs are cute little killing machines that will likely destroy any other fish you attempt to house with them. Another very efficient option you can use is to place predator fish into the aquarium water. Some aquarists use a pluck-and-squish method, where they grab snails directly off the glass with their (clean) hands, crush … But they can nibble on the tiny ones, and that is simply because they consider themselves to be omnivores. Started by NCaquatics; Jul 29, 2020; Replies: 1K; Tropical Discussion. I’ve kept dwarf gouramis, three-spots and, if memory serves, I once had an ornery kissing gourami. Do Goldfish Eat Snails? should have seen 8 years experience. Triggers like to grab snails by the shell and just swim around the tank with the snail in its mouth. By DefenderRegina [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons. Koi fish will also eat anything they can fit into their mouths. You never know what a fish will do, so don’t be surprised if you end up with one who prefers other foods. As I mentioned before, plecos will eat or munch on anything they can find. Report.
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