Rather than using candles, the lampstand had 7 lamps fueled by olive oil. All the fullness of the Godhead dwells in the Second of the Trinity bodily (Col. 2:9). 471-473, 488-496, 1067-1069. ARCH OF TITUS MENORAH  - This image inside the Arch of Titus is believed to show the Lampstand taken from Herod's temple. The Bible text about the golden lampstand (Menorah) is Exodus 25:31-35. Left is a picture of the item as envisioned by the folks at "THE GREAT PASSION PLAY" who built a full scale model of the Tabernacle. The Golden Lampstand was hammered from one piece of gold.. Exod 25:31-40 "You shall also make a lampstand of pure gold; the lampstand shall be of hammered work. It had decorations on it like almond flowers, buds and branches. 10-13. Exodus 25:31-40 The Menorah. Moses’ striking the rock shows us that when Christ died on the cross, He was judged by the authority of God’s law. Together with the New Testament it unveils to us the infinite riches of the Triune God—and we have only covered a few points out of hundreds of pages! Exodus THE GOLDEN LAMPSTAND Exodus 25:31. The seven lampstands in Revelation 1 are the multiplication of the one lampstand in Exodus 25. The lampstand has often been mistakenly called a candle stand or candle stick. click to enlarge You shall overlay it with pure gold, and make a molding of gold around it. The washing/cleansing pictures being washed by Christ (John 13:8). Its shaft, its branches, its bowls, its ornamental knobs, and flowers shall be of one piece. A bas relief of the lampstand that stood in Herod"s Temple is still visible on an inside panel on the Arch of Titus that stands in Rome. Brass Nazareth Menorah with Large Candle Cups click to enlarge The tabernacle had one lampstand (Exodus 25:31f) and the temple had ten of them (1 Kings 7:49). Exodus 35:14 the lampstand for light with its accessories and lamps and oil for the light; Exodus … 12. © 2014 Living Stream Ministry. The lampstand and its base and its shaft are to be made of hammered work; its cups, its bulbs and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. Courtesy of BiblePlaces.com. 33 Three cups shall be shaped like almond blossoms in the one branch, a bulb and a flower, and three cups shaped like almond blossoms in the other branch, a bulb and a flower—so for six branches going out from the lampstand; 34 and in the lampstand four cups shaped like almond blossoms, its bulbs and its flowers. This symbolises the light of the world. - Verse-by-Verse Commentary You are my smitten Rock!" which was beaten into the shape of the stand. While all the elements inside the tabernacle's tent of meeting were made of gold, the lampstand alone— also known as the menorah, golden candlestick and candelabrum—was constructed of solid gold. The expression is the seven lamps. This lampstand is a marvelous picture of the Triune God. The cleft (split) rock in Exodus 17 is a picture showing us that the Triune God is for our enjoyment. The Hebrew word for “lampstand” is menorah, and it derives from a verb that means "The lampstand is commonly taken to be a type of Christ, usually on the basis of Revelation 1:4 [cf. We cannot understand this symbol in a shallow way: it is not just an object that holds some lamps to give light in the dark. Exodus 25:12-13]. Praise the Lord for Christ our smitten Rock! He was judged on our behalf that we might enjoy the eternal life. Exo 25:35 - One bud shall be under the first pair of branches extending from the lampstand, a second bud under the second pair, and a third bud under the third pair—six branches in all. 22 results for: lampstand sort # images thumbs Page . Studying and reading God's word is a command, not a preference nor performance, it is also not a ritual that religious does, it is from a heart of the saved to love and cherish God's word and do it by God's grace through the HolySpirit. This is part of the sacred furniture of the tabernacle and the temple. Exodus 25:31-37 English Standard Version (ESV) The Golden Lampstand. Exodus 25:1–9. Exodus 25:31–40 describes God’s command to Moses to construct the golden lampstand (menorah) of the Tabernacle. The water, of course, shows us the Spirit. Some old Jewish images show the base to be three legs but the Roman image shows a wide inverted bowl shaped base. The details of its design and construction are literally filled with pictures of Christ and His work throughout the ages. God’s command to make a lampstand for the sanctuary appears in Exodus 25:31–40 ( see also 37:17–24). In the Bible, gold stands for the nature of God. We do not have a picture of it in Old Testament times but there is a Roman carving believed to be of the lampstand of Herod's temple in the Roman Arch of Titus celebrating the conquering of Jerusalem by Titus (see below). The Romans built this arch following Titus" destruction of Jerusalem in A.D70. All rights reserved. Imported from Israel. “You shall also make a lampstand of pure gold; the lampstand shall be of hammered work. It stood about as tall as a man. Available from Christian Book Distributors, Copyright 1999-2017 Terry M. Taylor   All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. With the lampstand we see three important things: the gold, the stand, and the lamps. You must receive the offering for me from everyone whose hearts move them to give. Exodus 25 describes the golden lampstand in the tabernacle. Gold was the most valuable of all metals (Psalm 119:127; 19:10). Christians often argue about the propriety of artwork in the sanctuary. Look to your left as you enter the Holy Place and you see this beautiful lampstand, the Menorah, with 7 flames illuminating the room. The Lampstand of Gold (Exodus 25:31-40) 1. I combed through the descriptions of the Tabernacle in Exodus 25-30 and did the best I could (with the limited knowledge that I had) to picture what the various items looked like and how they fit together. Read Exodus 25 through 27 at Bible Gateway. This would provide light in the tabernacle. Orders given for a collection to be made among the people for this purpose (v. 1-9). Third, there is the expression of the lampstand. Fantastic prices on framed prints. When Moses struck the rock with his rod, water flowed out for the thirsty people to drink. The tabernacle would be dark (there are no windows) if there was not a lamp to provide light to the priests in the tabernacle. The lampstand is for shining, and the shining is the expression. eBibleTeacher.com: Moses Bible Tabernacle 3D In the eyes of God, the Lord Jesus was put to death not by the Jews, but by the law of God. Second, the golden lampstand was not just a formless lump of gold. I. The Lampstand pointed to Christ, who was the Light of the the world. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free vector art that features Adult graphics available for quick and easy download. You shall make a table of acacia wood, two cubits long, one cubit wide, and a cubit and a half high. One of the three objects to stand in the Holy Place of the tabernacle of Israel was the golden lampstand. The menorah is a marvel and a wonder concerning the wisdom of God. Life-study of Exodus, pp. II. The Lord Spirit will revive us, refresh us, and make us living. Apr 24, 2015 - This is an image of the golden lampstand. The Lord told Moses to smite (hit) the rock for water. This signifies that the local churches are the reproductions of Christ. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. (Exo 25:31-36) The lampstand itself. 3. See more ideas about the tabernacle, tabernacle, tabernacle of moses. 4. We cannot understand this symbol in a shallow way: it is not just an object that holds some lamps to give light in the dark. Exodus 25 Images and Notes Brief Summary: At this chapter begins an account of the orders and instructions God gave to Moses upon the mount for the erecting and furnishing of a tabernacle to the honour of God.We have here. If we could have followed the Jewish priest as he passed in his daily ministrations into the Inner Court, we should have seen that he first piled the incense on the altar which stood in its centre, and then turned to trim the lamps of the golden candlestick which flanked it on one side. We do not have a picture of it in Old Testament times but there is a Roman carving believed to be of the lampstand of Herod's temple in the Roman Arch of Titus celebrating the conquering of Jerusalem by Titus (see below). "Oh, Lord Jesus! These are signs of being "thirsty." The writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee focus on the enjoyment of the divine life, which all the believers possess, and on the building up of the church, the goal of God's work with man in this age. This lampstand is a marvelous picture of the Triune God. You need to drink! Do you ever have hardships? This means that the gold was embodied into a shape; the shape is God the Son. It is important to study the Bible so we can learn more about who God is, and what he has done for mankind. We hope you realize by this lesson that the Old Testament is not just some stories about the children of Israel. Recommend this sermon to others. In Lesson Twelve we will see how the lampstand in Revelation shows something even more wonderful about the expression of the Triune God. The Gold Lampstand (25:31-40) Third, instructions are given for a lampstand to be made of pure gold, having six branches coming out from it. 4:5). Write a short "100 word" prophesy on how the lampstand typifies the Triune God. Exodus 25:31-40 . Attempting to Picture the Menorah. Whether or not visual images are used in our houses of worship, we can all agree that plainness can be elegant in some ways just as many works of art can be lovely to gaze upon. Concerning the Triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, pp. 12:13). This picture shows that each local church is a lampstand, just as Christ is. Have you taken a drink of the living water? The lampstand was to be made of pure gold, hammered out to the perfect accuracy of God’s decree (Exodus 25:31). Golden Lampstand on White Background smcas0221 options. 32 Six branches are to extend from the sides of the lampstand—three on one side and three on the other. click to enlarge. Narrative Lectionary Text: Exodus 25:23-40. The Golden Candlestick. 1. The Lampstand was made purely of gold. On its top it had seven lamps. Particular instructions, 1. Jan 20, 2020 - Explore Jacob Roberts's board "The Tabernacle ", followed by 952 people on Pinterest. 31 “You shall make a lampstand of pure gold. iStock The Golden Lampstand Wood Engraving Published 1886 Stock Illustration - Download Image Now Download this The Golden Lampstand Wood Engraving Published 1886 vector illustration now. Some old Jewish images show the base to be three legs but the Roman image shows a wide inverted bowl shaped base. 7" tall. 31 “Make a lampstand of pure gold. Oh, Lord Jesus! [A new window will open. Fellowship with your companions how Exodus 3:6 refers to the Triune God. This lampstand is seen throughout the Bible until it appears finally in the last book, Revelation. Do you ever complain? of 1 Did you mean lamp stand (17) High Priest - Incense smcas0237 options. Exodus 25 New International Reader's Version (NIRV) Offerings for the Holy Tent. Living Stream Ministry publishes the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, providing the authoritative and definitive collections of treasures from these two servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike iron, gold will not rust or change chemically, no matter where it is put. Its shaft, its branches, its bowls, its ornamental knobs, and flowers shall be of one piece. Give references. God's instruction, we discover a beautiful picture of Christ. Moses with his rod represents the authority of God’s law. You shall make around it a rim a … Just as the water issued out of the smitten rock, the Spirit issued out of the judged Christ (John 19:34). The Israelites could not have the water without the smitten rock, and we cannot have the Spirit without the judged Christ. It was gold formed and shaped into the form of a lampstand. All images are also avaliable in digital download for projection or other media use. Do you realize you have a Rock in your spirit? Tools Exo 25:36 Exodus 25:31 - NAS: "Then you shall make a lampstand of pure gold. Exodus 25:31-37 New International Version (NIV) The Lampstand. Picture courtesy of BiblePlaces.com: The Lampstand (Exodus 25:31-40) 31 And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work shall the candlestick be made: his shaft, and his branches, his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, shall be of the same. Exodus 25:34 - and in the lampstand four cups shaped like almond blossoms, its bulbs and its flowers. God’s nature is constant, unchanging. The substance or essence of the lampstand, then, was gold. The children of Israel were journeying in the wilderness but had no water to drink. 3 “Here are the offerings you must receive from them. Christian art of "exodus 25". A case in point is the description of the lampstand in the tabernacle, or as it is commonly called: the menorah. First, the lampstand was made of one talent of pure gold (about 100 lbs.) model, photo, resource and information site. First Corinthians 10:4 says, "The rock was Christ." (Exodus 25:31). This item was placed in the Holy Place. As Christians, we need to drink the living waters of the Spirit. Rate this sermon from 1 to 5 'stars' with just a click, then close.]   Brass Nazareth Menorah with Large Candle Cups. click to enlarge Product #: gm804494676 $ 33.00 iStock In stock That life is now in the Spirit and we were all given to drink of that Spirit (1 Cor. No one can live without water. Exodus 25:36 The buds and branches are to be all of one piece with the lampstand, hammered out of pure gold. (Lesson Book, Level 2: The Triune God—The Triune God and the Person and Work of Christ, Chapter 7, by Witness Lee). By Holy Land Gifts / Holy Land Gifts Are you ever dissatisfied? THE GOLDEN LAMPSTAND SYMBOLIZING THE TRIUNE GOD, ALL THREE COEXISTING (EXISTING AT THE SAME TIME) AND NOT BEING IN MODES (STAGES), THE SON ’S INCARNATION BEING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD BEING TRIUNE IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH MAN, THE INDWELLING OF THE TRIUNE GOD (EPHESIANS 3), THE TRIUNE GOD SHOWN BY THE NEW JERUSALEM, CHRIST BEING GOD ESSENTIALLY AND HAVING THE SPIRIT ECONOMICALLY, HIS TRANSFIGURATION INTO THE LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT, Electronic Publications (Kindle, EPUB, iSilo). D. Instructions for building the lampstand. This drawing is by Brent Kington. The pictures in the Old Testament greatly help us appreciate and enjoy the Triune God; each one is surely worth a thousand words. Instructions For Making A Table And A Lampstand. (John 8:12) 2. The lampstand in the Old Testament was only one, whereas the lampstands in the New Testament are many. The lampstand shall be made of hammered work: its base, its stem, its cups, its calyxes, and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. The gold, then, represents God the Father as the essence and source. 25 The Lord said to Moses, 2 “Tell the people of Israel to bring me an offering. /div>. The Hebrew paragraph divisions Exo 25:1-9 {s} The offering commanded to build the Tabernacle Exo 25:10-22 {p} The pattern for the ark of the covenant Exo 25:23-30 {p} The pattern for the table of showbread Exo 25:31-40 {s} The pattern for the golden lampstand Exo 26:1-14 {p} ... Read More about exodus 25 through 27, the natural picture of the tabernacle Gold is often spoken of in terms of being “tested by fire”; the Bible compares the testing of gold with the testing of the church in 1 Peter 1:7. The Lampstand points to the holiness of Christ (1 John 1:5,7). Solid brass menorah with seven large candle holders. This was one of the few Tabernacle items of solid gold. SYMBOLIZING THE TRIUNE GOD Exodus 25 describes the golden lampstand in the tabernacle. Exodus 25:34 And on the lampstand there shall be four cups shaped like almond blossoms with buds and petals. Sanctuary - Lampstand smcas0210 options. Its substance is the Father, its form and shape is the Son, and its expression is the Spirit. The gold for this sacred furniture was given to the Israelites by the Egyptians, when the Jews fled Egypt ( Exodus 12:35 ). Hammer out its base and shaft, and make its flowerlike cups, buds and blossoms of one piece with them. The Golden Lampstand (Ex 25:31-40). Consider today how important you consider beauty in worship. John 7:37-39 shows us that the Spirit would be available for anyone to drink after Christ was judged on the cross for our sins and resurrected to be the life-giving Spirit. Jesus Christ is the form of God. Exodus 25 (New International Version) Exodus 25 Offerings for the Tabernacle 1 The LORD said to Moses, 2 "Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. What a wonderful picture of the Triune God—the gold, the shape, and the shining. What can we learn from the picture? Golden lampstands are something the recipients of John’s letter would have readily identified. The Bible tells us that the seven lamps are the seven Spirits of God (Rev. The lampstand, then, also symbolizes the Triune God expressed.
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