If you are looking to purchase granite countertops, Marble.com offers over 500 variations on its site. It is a very popular material for use in home remodeling projects and is frequently used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The natural stone is often used in laboratories because of its durability. Many homeowners choose to do it more often just to make sure their countertops retain their original brilliance and shine. Granite, by its very nature, will have variations in color, mineral deposits, texture, veining and directional trends from one slab to another. Soapstone requires very little maintenance. However, when it comes to upkeep, it requires less maintenance than granite countertops. Both soapstone and granite are great options for a durable countertop. Soapstone is quite soft, making it a favorite material for the DIY homeowner for use as countertops. All rights reserved. While granite and quartz are the overwhelming choice for most homeowners, we just completed a kitchen remodel in Vancouver, WA where we installed soapstone countertops in the kitchen. Natural stone countertops are highly sought after and will raise the resale value of your home. The appeal of soapstone lies in it’s incredible durability and flexibility. Different cuts of soapstone will contain varying degrees of talc. I couldn’t justify replacing it right away. Any way that natural stone is used will improve your home’s look. It’s important to factor in your budget when considering granite countertops. When you are looking to buy a new countertop, you will notice that soapstone and granite are two of the most popular countertop materials you will find. Either way, your granite countertops will look impressive. Your soapstone or granite countertops can last for years if you take care of them properly. When it comes down to it, the choice you make when it comes to your kitchen countertops is an important one. Not only do soapstone countertops not require sealing, but they can be cleaned with generic household cleaners without wearing down over time. Granite forms underground when magma cools, allowing for large crystals of minerals to develop. Soapstone does not have many different variations. The talc content of soapstone gives it a rating of 1 on the Mohs hardness scale. Soapstone is quarried like marble and granite with most of it coming from Brazil. The fashion in which granite is not only mined, but subsequently manufactured creates a beautiful, diverse and colorful final product that if properly maintained, can stay in your home for years to come. Soapstone works well in many different areas of the home. Here’s everything you need to know. Basically, that means it won’t hold onto stains and odors as easily. A naturally non-porous stone, soapstone can be used not only as your kitchen countertop, but also as the sink itself. 14301 Justice Road Midlothian, VA 23113, 804-404-8004. Although soapstone can take some heat, granite is the more heat resistant countertop option. Soapstone has a milky, muted look most people associate with soap, hence the name. To insure satisfaction, Classic Granite & Marble strongly recommends that customers view slabs in either person at our location or at a third party stone provider, prior to the start of fabrication. Having soapstone is no different, as the material is highly sought after. Each slab of granite varies in color over its surface, so each slab is unique. However, this is not to say that the material is indestructible. The natural stone contains talc, which makes it soft. Quarried like granite and marble, soapstone is largely composed of the mineral talc, and is thus rich in magnesium. Also be careful not to drop heavy items on the countertop. Different cuts of soapstone will contain varying degrees of talc. Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Classic Granite and Marble. Granite. Soapstone is also more natural and subtle, compared to the vivid patterns and eye-grabbing designs of granite. Granite vs. Soapstone. When it comes to maintenance, granite requires a generous amount of TLC. Here are average costs for bathr… Installation – $350.00 to $750.00 3. The Geology of Soapstone . Here are details on each stone to give you a better understanding of what to expect as you select your countertop material. Watch granite slabs being cut from a solid block in Brazil, Classic Granite and Marble BLOOD DRIVE – August, Quality Shows: Classic Granite & Marble’s Amazing Midlothian Business, Top 5 Granite Countertop Cleaning Products, Make An Impact With A Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash. The talc in soapstone gives the stone a smooth feeling, like rubbing a piece of dry soap. It is a steatite stone and its primary components are magnesite, dolomite, chlorite, and talc. Knowing we were going to replace it, I shifted gears and wanted to bring in a white surface. You can clean the countertop using warm soapy water. Your kitchen says a lot about your lifestyle whether your habits include entertaining children, teenagers or esteemed colleagues who expect nothing but the best. You will need to take good care of your granite countertops if you do not want them to get damaged. This guide will help you figure out whether soapstone or granite will be a better fit for your remodeling project. on Aug 15, 2019 in Soapstone California | Stone countertops have been all the rage for quite a while now — long enough to suggest that it’s more than just a passing fad. Soapstone vs Granite Granite's scratch resistance makes it a good option for kitchens, and the color choices are virtually unlimited. The higher the talc content in the soapstone, the softer it is. Natural stone can also increase the functionality of the area in which it is installed. Additionally, you won’t have to invest as much time in the general upkeep that goes along with granite. It can be difficult to choose between the two; although they are very different in color and texture, both yield the warmth and beauty of natural stone. Soapstone Countertop Pros and Cons. Be careful when handling heavy objects around the countertop. Granite countertops are also heat resistant. Harsh cleaners may remove the mineral oil. Both Silestone and granite countertops can last for many years if you take proper care of them. Granite also works well in multiple settings around the house. Soapstone vs Granite. As for which is more attractive, that is a matter of your opinion. The material typically costs in the range of $40 to $100 per square foot installed. Granite is also one of the most heat-resistant countertop materials you will find. by Jeremy Troetti In addition, the natural flecks and grains of the stone will create a unique and satisfying look. The natural stone contains talc, which makes it soft. You can clean the surface by using just warm soapy water. Fabricating drainboards near the sink or producing matching sinks and backboards are common extras. Marble is known as a metamorphic rock which means that the rock forms from limestone and other common stones in that location. by UNS Resource | Mar 17, 2017 | Countertop Comparisons, Educate. / June 26, 2019. No matter which material you choose, this guide will provide you with the knowledge you need before making any decision to purchase. Granite is a much sought-after kitchen countertop material and with good reason. Ironically, its softness allows scratches to be easily corrected. May 3, 2020. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Marble.com™. That being said, granite will offer you many more styles than soapstone does. If you want to make your soapstone countertops darker, you can treat them with mineral oil. 1. Composed of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite, and talc, soapstone is very soft yet extremely dense. While natural stone is never 100% immune from heat damage, soapstone holds up remarkably well in the event a hot pan is placed on the surface and for this reason, can be extended to a surface that closes in your oven range without worry. A notable example of this is Brazil’s “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio de Janeiro, which is faced with soapstone. You must be logged in before you can vote. All the owner has to do is rub the scratch out with some steel wool or … Granite comes in a variety of colors, speckles, and veining so it tends to be more popular among designers and homeowners. Soapstone vs Granite vs Quartz - A Benefit Comparison. So, you are considering new countertops and are torn between granite and soapstone. Additionally, granite must be professionally installed in order to make sure the stone is not damaged, as it’s very heavy in its final state and not easily maneuvered. For those who want to speed up the process, your soapstone countertop can be treated with mineral oil to darken it quicker. Although granite is harder, soapstone is less porous. Commercially available soapstone for countertop use is often light gray, which typically deepens to a darker shade with greenish tones over time. Installing soapstone or granite in your home has many benefits, from high quality looks to financial gains. But which one is better for your countertop? The cloudy appearance is due mainly to the presence of talc. You can repair soapstone relatively easily, especially if the damages are minor. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not cut directly on the countertop’s surface, as the soapstone will be left with visible scratches. However, if you spill something on the surface and it is not properly sealed, the liquid can get trapped in the surface and cause the stone to be compromised. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock and … Both require the assistance of a professional. When handling such items, you should use trivets or hot pads just to be safe. It is commonly used in house elements as decoration either from the interior or the exterior of the house. Also called steatite counters, the stone isn’t porous, so no sealing is required. How Soapstone Forms . Because soapstone is non-porous, it has a slight advantage over granite because it will not need to be sealed. You can find granite repair kits for fixing small chips or cracks in the surface. Because of the natural stone’s durability, granite can hold up well whether you use it in a kitchen, bathroom or any other room. However, there is slight variation in color between different types. Soapstone forms from heat and pressure during tectonic plate subduction. Granite needs to be re-sealed roughly once a year. The following are some points to take into account when deciding which of these two surfaces will make the final cut and become your future kitchen countertops. In fact, many homeowners are drawn towards soapstone for the aesthetic appeal of being able to seamlessly match sinks to countertops and have them remain moisture-resistant. Read on to find out which countertops are the cheapest and which are the most expensive. Soapstone counters are naturally gorgeous with gentle veining that isn’t as “busy” as veining in marble and most granite countertop slabs. Soapstone kitchen and bathroom countertops can be left to darken slowly and naturally or be treated with mineral oil to facilitate balanced darkening of the patina. Since stone counters age far better than tile or formica, the long-term benefits often outweigh the upfront expense. It can range in age from 300 to 400 million years old depending on which part of the planet it is drawn from. You should use trivets or hot pads if you can. Take a look! Soapstone and slate can both be stunning countertops or accent pieces in homes, apartments, and businesses. Soapstone is comparable to the cost of a high end granite. Homeowners love granite countertops for their durability, aesthetic appeal and overall ability to fit in seamlessly with a variety of interior décor themes. Neither stone has an advantage over the other in terms of installation. Maintaining either surface is relatively easy. Price: Each surface material ranges in price, some being more dramatic than others. Whether it is utilized in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else, soapstone’s look and practical benefits will leave you pleased. Because of this, it is easily scratched. All rights reserved. Steatite is its geological term. While both granite countertops and soapstone countertops are desirable surface choices, it’s essential that you consider your lifestyle and needs before installing one or the other. How Granite Holds Up to Bathroom Humidity? Soapstone has traditionally had many uses by different cultures. The advantage of professional installation is the option to customize your granite countertop edges while the installers are at work. Soapstone forms from heat and pressure during tectonic plate subduction. Having any natural stone for your countertop makes your home instantly more appealing. Soapstone is heavier than granite per square foot. When comparing soapstone vs granite, the first we need to understand is the origin of both rocks.Granite is an igneous rock and works for surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock largely composed of talc, magnesium silicate and chlorite. Soapstone, which comes from Finland, China and Brazil, is quarried like granite and quartz and is composed primarily of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite and talc. I felt like I needed to just deal with it since we had paid so much more than what granite would be. If you are looking for which stone is easier on your budget, granite is your better choice. However, granite is porous and can stain. All soapstone can be found in shades of gray, but some have hints of green, blue or black. Having a professional do the job lowers the chances of any chipping or minor damages happening when the countertop is being installed. Artists’ soapstone, with up to an 80% talcum content, is not the same soapstone used for countertops, with perhaps 30% talc. Soapstone vs. Granite can be beveled to your personal taste and style quite easily, which gives an even more unique impression to your kitchen’s look. When it is, the countertop will be resistant to moisture and staining. If you are looking for a better idea of the cost of either soapstone or granite, you can use this Estimate Tool. Disclaimer: Samples provided for viewing on this page are intended to serve as general examples only; not as an exact replicas of the product you will receive. Soapstone is a very durable material. Granite is one of the most durable stones you can find, which makes it a popular choice for kitchens. When it comes to your kitchen, you are the ultimate authority on taste, style and daily use. On the other hand, if your kitchen sees greater amount of foot traffic and those in your home are prone to spills, soapstone would be a sure way to keep your countertops looking shiny despite those inevitable accidents. While granite has been a mainstay considered the “go to” material for kitchen counters, soapstone is making a comeback as a viable alternative. It is also non-porous so there is no need to seal it. Soapstone is natural stone material that has been used for centuries in countertops. By home / June 13, 2017; The use of countertops for home ornaments is increasingly commonly used. Chemicals and acids will not cause any damage to a soapstone countertop. Keep in mind you should never intentionally leave spills sitting on the countertop. I was so disappointed in my design failure. Granite can provide a financial benefit as well, as homeowners generally recover 100 percent or more of the installation costs when selling their home. I find myself loathing and respecting Joanna Gaines for this in all the same breath. As durable as the natural stone is, it can chip or break if a heavy object falls on it – especially on the corners of the countertop. The homeowners, Jim and Liz Luce, loved the understated look of the material in contrast to the flashier polished granite and quartz. However, granite is becoming more popular, meaning that it is beginning to lose its appeal of rarity. Both present definite advantages as well as factors to consider. If you love the dark beauty of granite and the light veining of marble, consider soapstone instead. No matter what you use your kitchen for, it goes without saying that you need countertops that can live up to your standards. The appeal of soapstone lies in it’s incredible durability and flexibility. Although it feels soft to the touch, soapstone is quite dense and resists staining. Soapstone does not require sealing. While this is the case, granite is your better option because of qualities like heat resistance. If you are looking for something bold and eye catching, you should consider green, blue or red granite. Soapstone has a casual, rustic appearance, whereas granite has a more elegant, modern look. In the battle of soapstone vs granite countertops, you’d be surprised at the winner. Naturally a porous stone, granite needs to be sealed annually at a minimum. If it’s a true aesthetic quality and longevity that you’re after and you’re willing to put in the maintenance to get that, granite countertops will be the way to go. A hot pot or pan will not cause damages. However, if you apply the mineral oil treatment to the countertop, you should clean using just soap and water. Both soapstone and granite have a high resale value, meaning either material is a great investment for your home. For example, if your kitchen experiences the pitter-patter of plenty of children’s feet on a daily basis, you may need something more durable as well as stain and spill resistant. Granite has an elegant look, especially when used for a kitchen countertop. Materials – 50 square feet, $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 2. Color and type also vary. In addition, if you have granite that is an unusual color, it may lose value if it goes out of style. Sealing granite countertops keeps them from wearing from moisture damage and can also help prevent etching. Having any natural stone in your house will increase its resale value. Minor damages can be sanded out. When you decide on the type of natural stone that is right for your home, there are several factors that you must give thought to. Hot pots or pans placed on the surface will not cause any damages. Research is always a good way to find out the differences between all materials and if you have whittled your choices down to soapstone vs granite countertops, this is what you should know. Granite vs. Quartz What’s the Difference. Similarly, their durability extends to heat resistance. Beyond just countertops, there are many ways to incorporate natural stone into your home, including backsplashes, tables and flooring. Soapstone wears well over ti… Repair is another category that is relatively evenly matched between these two stones. It's anywhere from 300 to 400 million years old, and the talc gives it a soft, warm appearance and touch. Despite this, you always still want to exercise as much caution as possible when placing any hot items on your countertop. Learn all about natural stone and which ones are best for your kitchen countertop. A naturally non-porous stone, soapstone can be used not only as your kitchen countertop, but also as the sink itself. Soapstone is quarried like Granite and Marble. It is available in grays, blacks, and greens, and has minimal veining or movement. Total – $2,900 to $ Soapstone vs. The stone also naturally darkens as it ages. Color-wise, soapstone doesn’t boast the same variety in color palette that granite does and it’s texture tends to be smoother and less dynamic. Soapstone countertops by Frank Valdes; photo via Houzz. Exercise caution when cutting anything on the surface by using a cutting board. Granite Countertops—the Pros and Cons, Budget Saving Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops, By Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on December 20, 2017, By Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on October 6, 2017, By Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on August 29, 2017, By Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on July 19, 2017, By Classic Granite Kitchen Countertops on April 19, 2017, Designing Your Kitchen Around Black Granite Countertops. Much like the process for soapstone, you will need a professional to install your granite countertop. Soapstone is composed mostly of the mineral talc, which is the softest mineral there is. Comparisons of Soapstone and Granite . This is not an easy decision because the distinction between the two countertop materials isn't apparent. That being said, two very popular choices that homeowners find themselves torn between is granite countertops and soapstone countertops. It is a beautiful comfortable clean feel … Although it will not get damaged from any sharp knives you use on the surface, you still should not cut directly on the countertop. Using a professional reduces the risk of any damages occurring during the installation process. As mentioned, soapstone naturally darkens with age. A soapstone countertop can handle some heat, but you should not place hot pots or pans directly on the surface. The natural stone is available in many different colors and will instantly add appeal to any section of the house where it is used. There are a lot of opinions out there, but sometimes, it’s a matter of narrowing it down to two options and picking that which will suit your needs and goals best. A soapstone countertop is non-porous and does not need to be sealed. Soapstone is much softer than granite or even marble. The higher the talc content in the soapstone, the softer it is. In terms of appearance, soapstone will give your countertops a stylish look. You can clean the countertop using any common household cleaners. SOAPSTONE. It’s milky appearance gives it a rustic feel when compared with the urbane and elegant look of granite or slate. Granite vs Soapstone Countertops. These include granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, porcelain, butcher block, quartz, solid surface, and laminate. You will need to hire a professional to install your soapstone countertops. Also a high-quality natural stone, granite will not cost you as much soapstone. Granite can be found in many different styles and colors – some more muted and others on the bolder side. If you love playing host or hostess to a large number of friends on a regular basis, you might be looking for something that gives a more sleek aesthetic appeal, yet still retains the ability to be a comfortable surface on which to lean and converse. Never clean your granite countertop with harsh cleaners, such as vinegar, bleach or Windex. When it comes to soapstone, the design choices are more limited. These crystals give granite its color. Let’s say you go with soapstone. Soapstone tends to be muted and darker than the sophistication of marble, presenting a pale, cloudy look, because it contains a considerable amount of talc — but that is part of its allure for many homeowners. We seem to be smack dab in the middle of a home design trend – “Modern Farmhouse”. Sealing granite countertops keeps them from wearing from moisture damage and can also help prevent etching. Many color variations of granite exist. Soapstone that contains lower amounts of talc is used to build home structures such as countertops. When it comes to natural stone countertops, there are more options out there than just marble and granite. Slate (505) 345-8518 | Info@RMStone.com These characteristics add to the beauty of the stone and will make your tops unique from any other. Because of its soft nature, it has often been used as a carving material. In your eagerness to choose a countertop for your kitchen or bath, you have narrowed it down to two materials: quartz (engineered stone) vs. granite (natural stone). The colors range from almost white to gray, with faint veins that are almost invisible in some slabs. Soapstone costs roughly $70 to $120 per square foot installed, making it pricier than many other natural stone countertop materials. The stone’s natural flecked pattern will help mask any minor chips or cracks in the surface. A delicate mining and manufacturing process can increase the cost and if you insist on purchasing colors that fall on the rare end of granite such as black, you’ll have to expect to spend a little more. Both are very easy to repair. Soapstone is nonporous and resistant to bacteria. Granite Countertops-And the Winner is…, Quartz vs. Granite is known for being a very durable natural stone. Granite vs. Quartz vs. Soapstone vs. Marble vs. Travertine vs. It’s durable, relatively low-maintenance, and has a lovely, old-world feel. Granite needs to be properly sealed. Granite and quartz are very popular among U.S. homeowners, and marble countertops are also commonly used. No matter what you choose, make sure that your countertops work for you and speak to the style and tone you want to set in your home. Because of the talcum, soapstone does have a warmer, softer or silkier feeling than granite, which is quite hard and cold. Origin. Soapstone is the common name for the naturally occurring stone known as steatite, a magnesium-rich metamorphic rock containing a high percentage of talc—the same substance found in baby powder.The softer varieties, often called artistic soapstone, actually have a silky, soapy feel to them, and may contain as much as 80 percent talc. Many homeowners love the natural charm of soapstone. Once an igneous or sedimentary rock that’s been changed, through time and tons of heat and pressure, into a metamorphic rock, soapstone is softer than materials like marble or granite. Soapstone Countertops.
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