January Jones - actress, Mad Men and X-Men: First Class, Crazy Horse - Native American chief (Oglala Lakota) South Dakota Quick Facts. Senator and Senate Majority/Minority Leader The state’s capital is Pierre. South Dakota boasts more miles of shoreline than the state of Florida and the highest point in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. South Dakota routinely ranks among the top 10 states for the production of hay, sunflowers, rye, honey, soybeans, corn, wheat and cattle. Custer State Park is home to a herd of 1,500 free-roaming bison. Sprawling prairies, fertile farmland and glacial lakes dominate the landscape in eastern South Dakota. Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, Bob Barker - former host of The Price Is Right South Dakota (/-d ə ˈ k oʊ t ə / ()) is a U.S. state in the Midwestern region of the United States.It is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes, who comprise a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. [6], 10. Pierre, in central South Dakota, is one of … South Dakota and its health systems have banded together to combat the SARS CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease. This is mainly because of the fact that the state has many rivers and water bodies including rivers like Missouri, Cheyenne, James, Grande, Moreau etc. Benjamin Reifel - former U.S. 17. North Dakota is traditionally listed first. Nicknames for South Dakota include the Mount Rushmore State, the Coyote State, and the Sunshine … 4. The mountain was named for the New York lawyer Charles E. Rushmore. It is estimated that a total of 450,000 tons of rock was removed in order to create the enormous carved heads. 90% of Carving Done by Dynamite. Joseph Foss - WWII fighter ace, South Dakota Governor (1955-59), commissioner of the American Football League ENTERED UNION: November 2, 1889 (40th). Finding Wildlife Across South Dakota: Five Days with Erin Sullivan. Archaeology & Paleontology in South Dakota Fossils of extinct species, giant wooly mammoths and dinosaur bones have been discovered in South Dakota. State of South Dakota. Built in 1892, it is the world’s only corn palace and attracts more than half a million visitors each year. South Dakota is the 17th largest U.S. state with 77,116 square miles. That variety is reflected in everything from our weather and scenery to our economy, state symbols and famous folks. They buried an inscribed lead plate near present-day Fort Pierre, which claimed the area for France. South Dakota has four distinct seasons: mild weather with showers in spring; sunshine, warm temperatures, and some humidity in summer; crisp, cool evenings in fall; and mild to extreme cold in winter. Mike Miller - professional basketball Like most places, the climate varies depending upon location. Sales & Use Tax. Becky Hammon - professional basketball Did you know that the corn palace in Mitchell is redecorated with corn and multi colored grain murals every fall? ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: The state was formerly the southern part of Dakota Territory; dakota is a Sioux word meaning "friend" or "ally." L. Frank Baum - author, The Wizard of Oz It became the 40th state of the union in 1889. Chad Greenway - professional football Flag: The South Dakota flag features the state seal surrounded by a golden blazing sun in a field of sky blue. NICKNAME: Mount Rushmore State; the Coyote State. It is our state’s #1 industry, and for the farmers who work the land, agriculture is more … The western region is heavily dependent on tourism and defense activity for its economy. There is no evidence suggesting which state was incorporated first because president Benjamin Harrison shuffled the bills and signed one at random, with the order unrecorded. The carving of four presidential faces (George Washington, … 19. It is in the Midwestern region of the United States. Adam Vinatieri - professional football However, after the death of the sculptor Gutzon Borglum, and due to World War II, the nation had to limit the funding for the project. Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. Mt. ; 1804 - Rivers were the highways in settling the western territory. All Rights Reserved. [10], 15. Korczak Ziolkowski who originally started the sculpting process of the memorial is no more. At the time of its completion, if there is not any other memorial to compete, it will be the world’s largest memorial; however, it is also one of the slowest to build. Terry Redlin - popular American artist Our neighboring states include Minnesota and Iowa to the east, Nebraska to the south, Wyoming and Montana to the west, and North Dakota to the north. The life sized bronze president statues were built to honor the legacy of the American presidency.[12]. City of presidents – on the streets of Rapid City you can find a bronze statue of each U.S. president. South Dakota is the home of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota tribes, which make up the Sioux Nation. 12 Incredible Facts About South Dakota That Could Make You Want To Move. Hubert Humphrey - vice president under Lyndon Johnson Pat O'Brien - former Access Hollywood co-host Mitchell, South Dakota is the home of the world’s only Corn Palace, built with 3,500 bushels of ear corn. It is named Sue, after the fossil hunter, Sue Hendrickson, who found it in 1990. The Crazy Horse mountain carving is the world’s largest sculpture at 563 feet high, and 641 feet long. Not to brag or anything, but South Dakota has a lot to brag about. After the war, the South Dakota National Guard used it as an artillery range. It became a state on November 2nd of 1889, the same day that North Dakota became a state. The Dakota, Lakota and Nakota Indian tribes make up the Sioux Nation. South Dakota has one of the largest Native American populations, with … It was the 40th state to join the Union in 1889 and encompasses 77,123 square miles, averaging 10 people per square mile. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Corn palace, and also it’s rank. 20. The state is divided by the Missouri River, with the eastern half typically seeing more regular humidity and precipitation, and the western half experiencing drier conditions. Show the “The Great 8 Attractions” submenu. South Dakota Ethnic Roots: German 40.7%, Norwegian 15.3%, Irish 10.4%, Native American 8.3%, English 7.1%. 1. More than 2 million people visit Mount Rushmore every year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations of the U.S. 3. The South Dakota flag features the state seal surrounded by a blazing sun in a field of sky blue. The service sector, retail trade and manufacturing industries account for the majority of the state's employment. Oscar Howe - artist (Yanktonai Dakota), Harvey Dunn - famed prairie artist Agriculture is its top industry, generating one-third of its overall economic activity. The Dakota Territory was divided into South Dakota and North Dakota on November 2, 1889. It shares state borders with Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Minnesota and Iowa. The state has a strong agricultural base. They culminate in Black Elk Peak (7,242 feet [2,207 metres]), the highest point in South Dakota. Being the humble folks we are, however, South Dakotans choose to keep mostly quiet about our great state… until today! Developing and using registries to collect, analyze, and share data about the virus and its impact on patients, physicians, and other caregivers will help develop the knowledge to successfully prevent and treat COVID-19. Its six bordering states are Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The State of South Dakota is located in the mid-west United States. The Crazy Horse Memorial is another piece of magnificent art carved in rock. Casey Tibbs - professional rodeo, bronc rider South Dakota has often been referred to as "the land of infinite variety." 2. Lewis and Clark in South Dakota Lewis and Clark spent the late-summer and early fall of 1804 exploring present-day South Dakota. 51. Huron (left) and Pierre (right) issued rival maps that claimed each as the best place voters should choose for … South Dakota adopted the honey bee as the state insect in 1978. The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is the home of 300 wild mustangs, where they run free on several thousand scenic acres. South Dakota is the second-largest producer of sunflower seed and oil in the nation. Letters reading "South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State" -- the official state nickname -- are arranged in a circle around the sun. The most popular tourist attraction in South Dakota is Mount Rushmore, which has the faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Rooseveltsculpted into its surface. 22. South Dakota is also a leading producer of a variety of small grains including oats, barley, rye, flaxseed, sorghum and alfalfa. Al Neuharth - founder of USA Today and the Freedom Forum MOTTO: Under God the People Rule. Bison can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds. He thought it would take 30 years to finish the task and today his family is looking after the job that he left undone. South Dakota leads the nation in production of bison and pheasants. South Dakota is fulfilled with lots of interesting facts and a rich history. In Mitchell, South Dakota, you can visit the world’s only Corn Palace. 25. Lakes formed by retreating glaciers thousands of years ago cover the northeastern corner of South Dakota. 1803 - US President Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France, a real-estate deal that at the time doubled the size of the United States. South Dakota has one of the world’s largest, most complete fossil of T. rex discovered. The Black Hills are the highest mountains east of the Rockies. The four faces at the hill represent four stages of America’s history: Washington, the birth of the nation; Jefferson, the growth; Lincoln, the preservation; and Roosevelt, the development. South Dakota (nicknamed: Coyote State, Land of Infinite Variety, Mount Rushmore State, Sunshine State) has 66 counties. The project started in 2000 and is privately funded. And it was never disclosed which state was named first. South Dakota was the 40th state to become part of the USA. North Dakota has some of the most expensive rentals in the nation. [7], 11. Population: 884,659 (2019 U.S. Census estimate)State Animal: CoyoteState Tree: Black Hills SpruceHighest Point: Black Elk Peak (formerly Harney Peak) in the Black Hills, 7,242 feetState Capital: Pierre (pronounced "peer")State Bird: Chinese ring-necked pheasantState Mineral: Rose Quartz State Fish: WalleyeState Gemstone: Fairburn AgateState Nickname: The Mount Rushmore StateState Insect: Honey BeeState Fossil: TriceratopsStatehood: 1889State Flower: PasqueState Soil: HoudekState Sport: RodeoState Nosh: ChislicState Dessert: KuchenState Song: "Hail, South Dakota"State Motto: "Under God, the people rule"State Slogan: "Great Faces. South Dakota has more shoreline than the entire state of Florida. [11], 16. That variety is reflected in everything from our weather and scenery to our economy, state symbols and famous folks. The lawyer traveled to the Black Hills in 1884 to inspect mining claims in the region.[1]. South Dakota Highway 240 winds its way through the eastern portion of Badlands National Park, snaking and crawling between ancient rock formations, cliffs, and colorful spires. South Dakota History Firsts & State Facts. It opened on October 31, 1941. South Dakota was the 40 th state in the USA; it became a state on November 2, 1889.. State Abbreviation - SD State Capital - Pierre Largest City - Sioux Falls Area - 77,121 square miles [South Dakota is the 17th biggest state in the USA] Population - 844,877 (as of 2013) [South Dakota is the 46th most populous state in the USA] Name for Residents - South Dakotans Visit this link to learn more about the lakes, rivers and water resources in the state. On November 2, 1889, South Dakota became a state along with North Dakota. South Dakota Facts. 5. South Dakota is the home of the Sioux nation, composed of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota tribes. Cheryl Ladd - actress, Charlie's Angels But red and purple rot are totally okay, guys. South Dakota Fun Facts. 26. SONG: "Hail, South Dakota." CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. There are lots of funny and interesting facts about South Dakota state including Mt. 21. Mount Rushmore – the Black Hills where the sculptures of ex U.S. presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt are made. Tom Daschle - former U.S. See the complete list of the 50 states and their borders here. South Dakota is a U.S. state in the Midwestern region of the United States.. "South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State" is arranged in a circle around the sun. The most famous point of interest in South Dakota is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, located in Pennington County. The Missouri River runs through the central and southeastern part of the state. South Dakota is home to some interesting attractions. Prairies and ranchland are common in central South Dakota. South Dakota ranks 16th in size among the 50 states. According to a 2014 study, one … Did you know that the original design for Mount Rushmore National Memorial included the four presidents from head to waist? General South Dakota State History. South Dakota Facts. Sitting Bull - Native American chief (Hunkpapa Lakota) Born in Pine Ridge, Oglala Lakota, South Dakota, in 1938, William Mervin, was the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in 10,000 m race. Five U.S. state capitals are still not served by the interstate highway system and Pierre, SD is one of them. [9], 14. The state attained statehood on November 2, 1889, becoming the 40th State to join the union. Black Hills, isolated eroded mountain region in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming, U.S., lying largely within Black Hills National Forest.The hills lie between the Cheyenne and Belle Fourche rivers and rise about 3,000 feet (900 metres) above the surrounding plains. He won the gold medal at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.[2]. The other four are: Juneau, AK; Dover, DE; Jefferson City, MO; and Carson City, NV. 24. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota to the north, Minnesota and Iowa to the east, Nebraska to the south, and Wyoming and Montana to the west. Brock Lesnar - professional wrestling, © Copyright 2020 South Dakota Department of Tourism. It is estimated that once it gets completed, it will be 563 feet high and 641 feet long. The eastern region of the state due to its fertile soil helps in the production of a variety of crops and also contains majority of the state’s population. South Dakota is home to the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota tribes, which together make up the Sioux Nation. It’s made of over 3500 bushels of corn. 8 Insane Things That Happened In South Dakota You Won’t Find in History Books; The Heritage Store Sells South Dakota-Made Products And It’s A True Treasure; One Of The Oldest National Parks In The U.S., Wind Cave In South Dakota Is Now 117 Years Old The Missouri River is the largest and longest river in the state. The road runs about 40 miles — it’s a two-laner — and it’ll take about two hours if you stop at … South Dakota is located in the upper middle of the United States. South Dakota ranks 16th in size among the 50 states. They lived for centuries on the land prior to European contact. These halves are know to residents as “Eat River” and “West River.”. More than 175 different butterfly species live in SD. Mountains grace the western skyline, and in the southwest, striking Badlands formations rise abruptly from the surrounding prairie. The Monument State features some incredible landmarks and natural wonders. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum started drilling into the 6,200-foot Mount R… The original sculptor’s wish was to go slow with the carving so that it is carved exactly as needed. Tom Brokaw - former NBC Nightly News anchor South Dakota has often been referred to as "the land of infinite variety." George McGovern - former U.S. Ranching is also a predominant agricultural activity in the west of the state. South Dakota is the 46th most populous and the 17th most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. Kevin Locke - hoop dancer and flute player (Standing Rock Lakota) The State of South Dakota relies heavily upon tax revenues to help provide vital public services, from public safety and transportation to health care and education, for our citizens.The sales tax applies to the gross receipts of all retail sales, including the sale, lease, or rental of tangible personal property or any product transferred electronically, and the sale of services. South Dakota. © 2020 TheFactFile.Org. Shawn Colvin - singer and songwriter See the complete list of the 50 states and their borders here. The history of South Dakota describes the history of the U.S. state of South Dakota over the course of several millennia, from its first inhabitants to the recent issues facing the state. Timeline History of South Dakota 1742: The LaVerendrye Brothers, explorers for France, became the first white men to leave proof of their presence in South Dakota.
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